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Issue 36  

Emily's Intro...
Back to School and Back to Childhood Cancer Awareness
This time of year is so bittersweet.  While I am excited to watch Sarah and Marie grow and start another school year, I am reminded again that  Sophie isn't here to start what would have been her freshman year in high school.  It's the time of year when I look at her one and only school picture and wonder who she would be and what she would look like.  It's the time of year when we are given one month to spread awareness about childhood cancer.  It's the time of year when October 6, the date of Sophie's death, looms over like a gray cloud so seemingly far from the rainbow I want to see.
This October 6 will mark 10 years without Sophie, and honestly, not a day goes by that I do not mourn for the years without her.  Statistics say that when a child dies from cancer, the average number of years lost is 71.  That's a lot of time to wonder about.  
This past August 13, the reality of another life lost from pediatric cancer hit very close to home. Piper Samuels, the bubbly and beautiful daughter of Kari and Kevin, and sister to Nolan, took her last breath in a house less than two miles from ours.  A cancer called Ewings Sarcoma robbed her family of 71 years with Piper.  Kari and Kevin did everything in their power to try and save Piper, but a lack of research and approved treatment plans failed their whole family. We knew the Samuels family before cancer, and now we know them after cancer, Life for them will be forever changed. It sounds cliche to say, "you don't want cancer to happen to anyone else, "  but the saying cuts a lot deeper when the loss happens to a family you know.  We pray for the Samuels family in their time of grief.  It's not all that helpful to the family who grieves, but I believe Sophie is showing Piper the ropes up in heaven.
Childhood cancer is happening all around us and its incidence is greater than you may realize.  The statistics are scary and heartbreaking.   

Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children.  

 Each day 43 children in the US will be diagnosed. 

The average age at diagnosis is 6.

Only 3 new drugs have been developed in the last 30 years.

1 in 5 will not survive.  

7 kids die from cancer EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Despite major advances - from an overall survival rate of 10% just fifty years ago to nearly 80% today, many rare cancers, like DIPG and Ewings Sarcoma, have a survival rate that is much lower.   Additionally, the number of diagnosed cases annually has not declined in nearly 20 years.
Private pharmaceutical and medical research companies tend to spend research money on more common cancers. And our national government only allocates 4% of its budget to childhood cancer.
These are just some of the staggering facts.  If you really want to become aware,
  you can read more by clicking here:
I often wish I had been "aware" of the realities of childhood cancer years ago, years before it entered my life like a tidal wave, tossing my reality of normal to the side. I wonder if the years I could have spent raising awareness would have made a difference in what became my reality.  I like to think that it would have  And that is why I leave you with this final thought and challenge.  Now that you are aware, what will you do?  Will you leave that thought tucked back in your mind, hoping and praying that a child you know and love won't be the 1 in 285 diagnosed?  Or will you take a step to make a difference, whether big or small, so that maybe, somehow, all this awareness really will turn the tide and give our children back their 71 years?
Be Bold, Go Gold!
With gratitude and hope,
Emily Quayle
SFSF Board President
Sophie, Sarah, and Marie's Mommy 
SFSF St. Jude team on a roll
 Jude Heroes for Sophie  
The 2017 SFSF St. Jude team is making the most of fall-weather training runs and September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month fundraising.
To date, the 34-member team has raised $20,324 and has tallied countless miles of running.
This year is SFSF Board President, Emily Quayle's, 10th St. Jude Marathon weekend; along with 19 returning members,15 newcomers have joined the team.
Donations to individual members is accessible on the team page by searching an individual name from the list.
Those participating are: Kelly Bova, Brad Farquhar, Tate Farquhar, Lance Herron, Danielle Iaquinta, Kelle Ilitch, Travis Ilitch, Andrea LaForce, Michelle LeMaster, Sharon Lopata, Charly Miklaski, Frank Miklaski, Susie Miklaski, Dana Nicklas, David Plautz, Leslie Plautz, Emily Quayle, Karla Quinn, Jenny Reynolds, Erin Rigsby, Kate Ritzel, Payton Ritzel, Stacy Rocco, Kevin Samuels, Jennifer Slater, Amber Theodore, Heather Tinsley, Madison Turner, Samantha Turner, Kristin Van Euwen, Joanie Washington, Nicole Williams, Amy Wilson and Noreen Woidke.
One in five children diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. will not survive. 
Waterfront Wine Festival
Dan Bucci, Jennifer Dalman, and Charlie Sexstella present the check to Emily and Marc Quayle. 
Not only a welcome kickoff to summer, but a fantastic benefit to SFSF was the Avon Lake Wine Festival, held at Veteran's Memorial Park, Saturday, June 24.
SFSF was the benefactor of this year's event, receiving $10,000 from the festival's profits. This is the third year that SFSF benefitted from the event.  
In its sixth year, the Wine Fest featured food trucks, music, vendor booths, local artists, camaraderie, and, of course, wine-tasting for the over 3,000 in attendance.  
Planed by the trio of Dan Bucci (SFSF Board Member), Jennifer Dalman, and Chris Sexstella; the majority of the Wine Fest was "set-up," "torn down" and "cleaned up" by members of F MU , under the leadership of Paul and Amber Theodore (also SFSF Board Members) and avid supporters.
SFSF thanks the trio, the businesses, the FMU volunteers, and the participants who helped make this generous donati o n poss ible.   
Summer sizzles for SFSF

While SFSF was busy with its major summer fundraisers, several generous groups and individuals held their own fundraisers, bolstering the SFSF coffers.
Mighty Maggie Romano
Maggie Romano and her birthday "zippers." 
Turning 10 for Maggie Romano was really a 10 for SFS F, which  coincided with the 10th Annual Bash and Dash.
For her birthday party at Zip City in Streetsboro, OH, June 12, Maggie asked that guests make a donation to SFSF in lieu of a present.
Maggie Romano 
In addition to her birthday donations of $250, Maggie, with the help of her brothers, held a garage sale and lemonade stand, July 26-28, raising another $700 for SFSF. 
SFSF is both thankful and amazed by the work, generosity, and love displayed by Maggie.

I Scream, You Scream
Regency Construction of Lakewood held a dress down day and an ice cream social on July 21, to benefit SFSF.
Employees paid $5.00 each to dress casually and enjoy the summer sundaes served by company interns. 
A total of $100 was collected and donated to SFSF.
Nordson rides high
SFSF was the winner of half of the 50-50 raffle held in conjunction with the Nordson Cedar Point Picnic, July 22. The winner received $731, however with a company match, SFSF received a generous $1482.
Tickets were sold the week prior to the picnic, as well as the morning of, helping to increase the "pot at the end of the rainbow."
Kate Smith, an avid SFSF supporter and Nordson employee, nominated SFSF. Customarily, the 50-50 raffle is split with a local charity.  
Kate also earmarked her 2018 United Fund donations for SFSF (matched again by Nordson) adding another $520 donation.
SFSF thanks Nordson, all of its employees, and especially Kate Smith for their contributions.
Beautiful BeautyCounter fundraiser 
Kellie Robertson, consultant for BeautyCounter, he ld a July fundraiser for SFSF, donating a percentage of her profits, totaling $ 100, to SFSF. Nominated by Jaime Robinson, who also held a LuLaRoe fundraiser in the spring, the campaign ran through the entire month of July.  
BeautyCounter, an on-line company, features over 100 products that are environmentally safe and free of over 1500 harmful ingredients. With over 25,000 independent consultants, the company promotes "smart choices for healthy skin."
Megan Maybaum's meaningful message
Megan Maybaum and her fit friends.
Ten-year-old Megan Maybaum, daughter of Dianne and Mike Maybaum of Bay Village, celebrated her birthday on August 19 with a party at FMU Fitness, asking guests to donate to SFSF in lieu of bringing a gift.
Having lost her grandpa to cancer in January, 2017, Megan experienced first-hand "how difficult illness can be for a family."
Mike worked for many years with Marc Quayle at Altria, and Megan's family "has always been touched by Sophie's story."
With birthday gift donations totaling $165, Megan is learning the importance of "service and charity," concepts Dianne works to instill in all children.




In the last 30 years, only three new drugs have been approved for childhood cancer.




September is Golden
Two Michigan "Gold Out" football games to benefit SFSF were inspired by Angie Allen and Kathy Farquhar, high school friends of both Emily Quayle and Sarah Smith.
Livonia Junior Athletic League
Falcons cheerleaders and football players.

Angie Allen, whose daughter Allie, cheers for the Falcons, of the Livonia Junior Athletic League, planned, organized and executed the team's late August event, raising $500 for SFSF. Profits from the Gold Out were shared with Mott's Children's Hospital.
The color gold managed to outshine the sun at the day's events. Handmade, decorated Blow-Pops, gold beads, and gold T-shirts were sold and spectators could bid on 19, "golden," gift baskets solicited by Angie and donated by the community.
Gold buckets, strategically placed, collected donations as well.
The first-ever "gold-out" was a successful, first-time  endeavor thanks to Angie Allen.    
SFSF thanks Angie and all the partici- pants f or their donations and their efforts to spread awareness of childhood cancer.   
Lakeland High School
The Lakeland H.S. "gold out" crowd.

For the second consecutive year, Lakeland H.S. held a "gold-out" game on Sept. 8, their first home game in September.
Instrumental in scheduling the event was Brad Farquhar, Kathy's husband. Last year, Brad was the AD and planned, organized and executed the first-ever event; however, this year Brad serves as a football coach and was only able to "highly suggest" the "Gold Out" event. His input was evidenced throughout the game as the announcer shared many statistics about childhood cancer which Brad carefully researched and provided to him prior to the game.
With limited time due to the start of the school year just a few days prior, and a new AD, Lakeland was still able to collect $400 from the 50/50 raffle and various donations.
SFSF thanks Lakeland's Todd Miller, new AD, and Scott Rolando, Leadership teacher, and Lakeland students and fans for their donations and quick work.


Mark your calendars...
Santa pics by vendor, Bobi Biederman Photography, available this year. 
The 5th Annual SFSF Shopping Extravaganza is slated for Nov. 11 at Holy Spirit Church in Avon Lake, OH.
Organized by former SFSF Board Member, Kristin Van Euwen, the event features vendors and crafters, all under one roof, a perfect opportunity for one-stop Christmas shopping. Join the FB event to keep up with the growing list of vendors, which to date includes Bobi Beiderman Photography, Bobbi Davies with crafts/jewelry/scarves, Lipsense, Debi Loebich with purses/hats/gift tiems, LuLaRoe, Pampered Chef, Premier Designs, Scentsy, and Tastefully Simple; and to see items for sale and specials being promoted by the various vendors.
A special attraction this year will e photos with Santa.  
Table space is currently available. Contact Kristin for additional information or find the sign-up flyer in the FB event.


Sun shines on golfers
Sophie's Great Aunt Margaux Hamilton, Great Uncle Rick Quayle, and second cousins David Hamilton and Christian Walter at the OH outing. 
Chad Hoffman, on guitar, ended a perfect day of golf for participants at the Sixth Annual Ohio Golf Outing at Legacy 18 in Avon Lake, July 23, 2017.
Although the day began with pouring rain, by the gunshot start at 1p.m. the sun returned, providing perfect weather for the 25 foursomes, raising a  generous total of $6,606.67.
Golfers enjoyed lunch, drinks, and the dinner and open bar following their 18 holes on the greens, with guests invited to the afterglow.
Several games added to the competition and fun of the day's activities.




Chances of your child getting cancer:

1 in 285.




SFSF grants approach $900,000
Since May 2017, the Foundation has helped 21 families and awarded $21,000 in grant money, half of that coming from Jenna's Rainbow Foundation, bringing the total amount of family grants awarded to $680,253. The grand total donated by SFSF, including donations to The Cure Starts Now ($107,000) and St. Jude ($110,562), is $897,815.
Every month, the SFSF Grant Committee approves applications for financial assistance for families of children with brain cancer. The children of the families who received grants in June, July and August are:
  • Matthew, age 5 - high grade brain stem glioma
  • Eloise, age 1 - astrocytoma
  • Madison, age 6 - choroid plexus carcinoma
  • Antonia, age 3 - DIPG
  • Chloee, age 13 - pilocytic astrocytoma
  • Kaydyn, age 10 - pilomyxoid astrocytoma
  • Anonymous, age 7 - optic pathway/chiasm hypothalamic tumor
  • Maya, age 5 - optic nerve glioma
  • Devin, age 1 - ATRT
  • Henry, age 5 - medulloblastoma
  • Kambria, age 8 - low grade glioma
  • Emiliano, age 6 - pilomyxoid astrocytoma
  • Gunner, age 14 - DIPG
  • Kobie, age 14 - craniopharyngioma
  • Melissa, age 7 - DIPG
  • Anonymous, age 7 - pilocytic astrocytoma
  • Gabriel, age 12 - gangliolgioma
  • Anonymous, age 1 - ATRT
  • Haley, age 15 - medulloblastoma
  • Benjamin, age 11 - pilocytic astrocytoma
  • Jacqueline, age 5 - ATRT
In This Issue
September fundraisers salute SFSF

Cup of Sunshine 
Mug Cakes
Daisy Troop 50418 is currently hosting a Mug Cake fundraiser in honor of Piper Samuels and Sophie Quayle, sister of Marie Quayle.

The girls are hand painting the mugs which will be filled with two Tastefully Simple cake mixes and delivered to the Ronald McDonald House for patients and caregivers.  
Daisy Troop 50418

The troop is seeking donors for their endeavor. A $15.00 per mug donation will provide a patient with a Daisy creation.

Donations via PayPal to Jenn Dunleavy will be accepted until the end of the month. Jenn Dunleavy, troop leader, will also donate the profits of her September Tastefully Simple purchases to SFSF.
Hats off to...
"The Sophie," a handmade cotton yarn, crocheted hat, complete with rainbow, is now available on Etsy with a portion of the profits earmarked for SFSF.

Made and designed by Kelly Budinger, the soft hat will be a welcome addition for Ohio winters, and is available in a range of sizes from toddler to adult.

Visit Kelly's Etsy shop, 3BoyMommaDesigns, to purchase and see many of her other crocheted hats. 

Sweet dreams
Orders for personalized pillow cases, and a newly added 16x20 downloadable print, bearing Christopher Robin's famous "...Braver than you believe..." message and created by Jenn Dunleavy are now being taken.

All profits from the sale of these colorful designs will be donated to SFSF in honor of Sophie Quayle and Piper Samuels.

Order via Jenn's site, Andrew and Ella Designs.
10th Annual Bash & Dash

The 10th Annual Bash & Dash was a great success, with friends, families, and weather providing full cooperation. 863 registered for the race, and approximately 300+ kids partook in the kids' activities.
A total of $68,031 was raised, below the hoped-for $100,000, but above the nine previous events.
Twenty-nine individuals raised $250 or more, qualif yi ng for the two, $500 Amazon gift cards. The two lucky winners were Ed  LaP oin te from Michigan who has attended all 10 years and Karla Quinn who joined Team SFSF for the December 2 St. Jude Marathon weeke nd. There were 57 participants who raised $100 or more, each earning a "100-Club" hoodie.
A big hit this year was the return of the FMU obstacle course, the TapSnap photo booth, and Robek's smoothies.
The concession stand was sold out as well as the sno-cone stand.
SFSF thanks all who volunteered, registered, participated, ran and walked for Sophie, who should have been celebrating her 14th birthday.
Ten years later, support continues
Representing the Class of 2007 aboard the Diamond Jack.

RCHS graduates continue supporting SFSF. The class of 2007 held their 10th class reunion on July 15, 2017 and managed to come up "under budget." The celebration began with a pre-party at a favorite Riverview watering-hole, Slip Mahoney's, and culminated with a Detroit River cruise on the Diamond Jack, a site of several RCHS proms. Instead of giving refunds to those attending, the class decided to donate the remaining funds of $420.28 to SFSF.
According to SFSF Board Secretary, Susie Miklaski, "The Class of 2007 was the last graduating class I taught," as Susie retired in 2007, the year Sophie was diagnosed.
"That class supported SFSF from day one and continue supporting SFSF today. I don't have enough fingers/toes to count the individual donations I received from them over the past 10 years."
SFSF thanks the Class of 2007 for their generous donations and for continuing to support SFSF.
Awareness makes a difference
Fundraising provides the money for childhood cancer research and helping families of children diagnosed with cancer, but awareness of the scope of childhood cancer is also an important mission of SFSF.
MLB goes gold
Jumbotron for the "Go Gold" awareness win. 
On September 1, 14 SFSF supporters descended on Comerica Park in Detroit, with signs and matching shirts to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the MLB's effort to "Go Gold" to recognize the month of September.
"For the kids" at Comerica Park. 
Thirteen fans from Michigan were not happy with the outcome, Cleveland - 10, Detroit - 1. However, SFSF Board Presiden t did not complain. With the Indians' national record of 22 straight wins, the others agree that Emily does have bragging rights. 
Being photographed with Mickey York of Fox Sports outside the stadium and making the Jumbotron, the group made an impact.
The Detroit Tigers management presented Emily with gold leis and a goody bag of Tiger paraphernalia. Two generous fans gave Emily a donation.
The effort was fruitful and fun.
The SFSF "Go Gold" section.   
FMU goes gold
ActivPrayer circle to start the day. 
FMU sponsored its third annual Kick off to Cancer Awareness Month by holding a morning Labor Day workout at Avon Lake High School.
Sixty adults and their kids climbed the bleachers, ran the track, and prayed --- all in the name of Childhood Cancer Awareness.
Board President Emily Quayle collected donations at the workout which will be divided among the several FMU members who are fundraising for the St. Jude Marathon Weekend in December as part of Team SFSF. Totaling $147 so far, the collection bucket will remain in the lobby of FMU throughout the month of October. 
FMU has been a constant supporter and should boast of all its charitable events held in the name and honor of kids with cancer.
Supporting the community and the parents of FMU members diagnosed with cancer is second nature to Amber and Paul Theodore, whose motto is: "It's not about me."
The FMU "Go Gold" crew. 




Every day 43 kids are diagnosed

with cancer; every day

 7 kids will die from cancer.


Third year for 3 on 3
Event organizer, Kayla Bucci. 
Just over a week following the Bash & Dash, SFSF's 3 on 3 BB tournament, organized again by Kayla Bucci, was held at Avon Lake High School, July 15.
With 21 teams, 11 female and 10 male, the event attracted avid basketball fans in grades 4 through 8.
The third-year event raised $1,290.59 for SFSF through registration fees and concession stand sales. Marcos and Dominoes of Avon Lake donated the pizzas.
Kayla, a freshman at Magnificat HS this year has been the brains behind the tournament for the last three years. Kayla's parents are Andrea and Dan Bucci, SFSF Board Members.
All participants were guaranteed two games and a T-shirt. First place teams in every category received medals.
SFSF thanks Kayla and all the players and fans for their support.


When life gives lemons
     Several Avon Lake youngsters made lemonade from their lemons, selling it (often along with other treats) for SFSF. Donations from the Durbin Lemonade Stand ($14); the Brooke Hill and Kids from Woodbridge Way ($47); the Waterside Crossings South Neighbors ($145); and the FMU Lemonade/Spinner Fundraiser ($50) sweetened the SFSF treasury.
In addition, a group from Magnificat's Summer Camp Entrepreneur Activity donated their lemonade stand profits of $218.68 to SFSF.
SFSF thanks the efforts of all the youngsters who know "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."


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