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 Education 2.0: Teaching in Fast-Changing Times 
(July 7-11, 2014 - ONSITE)


Educating in Changing Times: Reflect, Rethink, Rebuild (June 15th, 2014-ONLINE)



 Positive Leadership  

(November 12-14, 2014 - ONSITE)

(August 25th, 2014-ONLINE)


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"This course made me see leadership in a different light than I had before; in a more positive way, in which I now see it as necessary to make the world a better place."
Positive Leadership,
March 204 
"This course is the perfect match between theory (methodology, techniques) and the practice (simulation negotiation)."
Skills for Effective Negotiations -
November 2013


 "Studying abroad in Costa Rica with UPEACE really have me a 'real-life' example of all the things I've been learning in class. If you get the chance, go for it!" - Leslie Lane,  

Northern Kentucky University, March 2014 


I heard a snapping sound and felt as if someone had kicked me from behind. I crawled off the indoor soccer field knowing that I was done playing - I just did not realize how long I was done for. Meanwhile, the game went on.


That was 12 weeks ago. This morning, I walked slowly across my house for the first time without crutches and felt elated - I could have been walking on air. I am still three months away from being able to go for a run, but I am grateful to have my mobility back. As someone who talks about the applications of positive psychology in all my courses, I've had to take a large dose of my own medicine, and I'm happy to report that it actually works.  


Click here to read my 'Top 10 Reflections' from an Achilles rupture... 
Diploma in Social Innovation - UPEACE Centre for Executive Education
Diploma in Social Innovation - UPEACE
Centre for Executive Education

Do you sometimes feel stuck professionally and have a sense that you are not realizing your full potential? Check out the short video describing the online Diploma in Social Innovation - a global classroom at your fingertips. 


Join us for Education 2.0 - onsite workshop for educators
 July 7-11, 2014 at UPEACE 

Education 2.0: Teaching in a Fast-Changing World
Last week a new cohort of University for Peace students graduated with masters degrees in hand. As students and speakers alike talked of the ongoing challenges in peacebuilding and sustainable development, it was impossible not to reflect on each of our own individual roles in this quest. So here's a question for you: "How do you incorporate elements of positivity, peace, and making positive impact in your day-to-day work?"

For inspiration, here's a 2-min. video that we view in our 'Designing Your Life: Innovating from the inside out' online course.   
The Centre's Team
UPEACE Centre for Executive Education