November/December 2017
Saturday, November 4 

All Ages 
RES/NR $5 per person (register on-site)
Pottawatomie Park, 8 North Avenue
Wondering what to do with those leftover Halloween pumpkins? Head out to Pottawatomie Park to participate in The Great Pumpkin Bowl! Use the hill to roll your pumpkins down towards giant bowling pins. Warm apple cider will be provided. Proceeds to benefit the STC Underground Teen Center.
Ages 2-6
Th    Dec 14  |  6-7:30pm   
RES $23/NR $35  (#14090)

Graham crackers, frosting, colorful candies are yummy in your tummy! Who doesn't love to make a house decorated with sweet candy? Work as a team with your child as you create an adorable house made with lots of yummy things to eat this winter season. Held at Pottawatomie Community Center.

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Add to the excitement of Christmas for your little one with a letter from the jolly guy himself, Santa Claus, straight form the North Pole. Here's how:
  1. Register your child for Letter from the North Pole
  2. Have your child write a letter to Santa Claus
  3. Parent complete Santa's Check List from the North Pole Form. Forms are available at, the Pottawatomie Community Center and Baker Community Center.
  4. Parent place your child's letter and Santa's Check List from the North Pole Form in a sealed envelope
  5. Beginning December 1, bring your child to the Pottawatomie Community Center to place their letter in Santa Claus' Mailbox or place the letter in the mail addressed to Santa Claus, Letter from the North Pole, St. Charles Park District, 8 North Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174. Include child letter along with Santa's Check List Form
Letters from North Pole Form must be received between
Dec. 1-12. Santa's helpers at the St. Charles Park District will take care of the rest! Registration required.

All Ages

December 1-12
RES $3/NR $5 per letter  (#14083)

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Sunday, December 3 
Ages 2+
RES $5/NR $8 per person  (#14003)
Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Rd.
Watch Santa arrive pulled by his dashing huskies, then spend some time helping him get ready for his Big Day!
  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Make an ornament
  • Have your picture taken with the Big Guy, himself!
  • Breakfast snacks included
Santa arrives at 10:15am! 

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Extend your preschooler's day, or just come for the afternoon! Instructors will escort students to classes at the same facility they attend preschool. The park district does not transport children between centers.
Turkey Treats
Ages 3-5
M    Nov 13  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $27/NR $41  (#14087)

Gobble gobble! Spend the afternoon engaging in Thanksgiving related activities including art, music, and turkey games. Enjoy a fabulous feast and learn about the celebration of Thanksgiving.

Santa's Workshop 
Ages 3-5 
M    Dec 11  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $27/NR $41  (#14086)

Christmas time is here, happiness & cheer! Get ready for Santa's arrival by joining us for an afternoon of everything Christmas. You won't want to miss out on crafts, games, and stories about our favorite jolly guy.

Mom's Holiday Break 
Ages 3-5 
W    Dec 20  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $27/NR $41  (#14088)

Do you need some time to get your holiday shopping done? Drop your children off so they can have fun making holiday treats, creating artwork, and preparing for the upcoming holiday season! A festive lunch will be provided. 

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Just the Two of Us 
Ages 2-3
Th    Nov 2-Dec 14*  |  9:30-10:15am  (#14149)
RES $45/NR $68

Enjoy some special time together by preparing your child for their first classroom experience! Participate in story time, engage in activities, and play with your friends. Geared for the child who is ready to enjoy preschool activities with the comfort of an adult nearby. This is a parent/child class.
*No class Nov 23
NEW! My Little Pony Party 
Ages 3-5
Th    Nov 2  |  10:30am-12pm   
RES $16/NR $24  (#14152)

Gallop t o Ponyville with Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy and embark on an amazing morning of everything pony! Participate in pony games, crafts and even a pony snack. If you are a My Little Pony fanatic, this is the class for you.

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Tip Toes & Me
Ages 1½-3 (with parent)
F     Nov 3-Dec 15  |  9:30-10am  (#14376)
Sa   Nov 4-Dec 16  |  9:15-9:45am  (#14374)
W    Nov 8-Dec 20  |  5-5:30pm  (#14375)
RES $49/NR $74

Young dancers will bring their imagination to life through creative movement, music and props. Basic dance movements and learning to interact with parent helpers will be introduced. Required attire: leotard, footed tights and pink ballet slippers. This is a parent/child class.

Tiny Tappers
Ages 2-3
M    Nov 6-Dec 18  |  4:15-4:45pm
RES $49/NR $74  (#14393)

Explore the fun rhythms and sounds you can make with your feet. Required attire: hair up (out of face), leotard, footed tights, dance and or yoga style pant or capri and black tap shoes.
Creative Dance
Ages 2½-4
F     Nov 3-Dec 15  |  10-10:30am  (#14388)
Sa   Nov 4-Dec 16  |  11:45am-12:15pm  (#14385)
Tu    Nov 7-Dec 19  |  1:05-1:35pm  (#14386)
W     Nov 8-Dec 20  |  11:05-11:35am  (#14387)
Th    Nov 9-Dec 21  |  5-5:30pm  (#14390)
RES $49/NR $74

Perfect for the younger dancer, this class is an introduction to dance. Explore movement through music, stimulate dancers' imagination and promote creativity. Dancers will gain an understanding of the class structure, improve social skills and develop fine motor skills through creative dance movement. Required attire: hair up in a bun (out of face), leotard, footed tights and pink ballet slippers.
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Classes start October 30!
Jr. Basketball  |  Ages 3-5
Jr. Golf  |  Ages 4-7
Jr. Soccer  |  Ages 3-6
Jr. T-Ball  |  Ages 3-6
Multi-Sports  |  Ages 3-6
Parent/Tot Super Sports  |  Ages 2-3 (w/parent)

All classes are taught by All Star Sports Staff.
For full class descriptions, fees, times, locations and to register online, click sports listed above.
Tennis - Red Ball I
Ages 4-7
Th    Nov 2-Dec 14*  |  4:15-5pm  (#14236)
RES $52/NR $78

Each class will emphasize basic movement, catching, throwing, hitting, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, the "drop-hit" serve, scoring and basic positioning through a series of fun games and activities in a social learning environment.
Held at Pottawatomie Park.
*No class Nov 23

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All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.
Nature's Animal Hospital
Ages 1-6
M    Nov 13  |  9-10am   
RES $5/NR $8  (#14168)

Hickory Knolls is home to many animals that have been rescued. Bring a stuffed animal friend to meet some of the animals that call the Discovery Center home and then play along with a pretend check-up for your stuffed friend. Advance registration is required.

Star Wars - Jedi Challenge
Ages 3+
W    Dec 6    6:30-7:30pm   
RES $5/NR $8  (#14172)

Channel your sensory skills as you challenge against the true Jedi Masters-the animals. Animal adaptions allow them to survive the wild and you can see if your senses measure up to the 'force' of nature. Adults are free. Advance registration is required.
Marshmallow Wonderland
Ages 1-6
W    Dec 6  |  9-10am   
RES $5/NR $8  (#14170)

Everyone needs a home, even the gingerbread man! Meet some animals, learn about their habitats and then build your own take home treat. Start the season off right in a sweet fashion!

Crafty Critters
All Ages
Tu-Th    Dec 19-21    10am-4pm   
RES $2/NR $3  (#14171)

Craft in a way that will both help you celebrate the winter season and save the earth at the same time. Make an ornament from recycled fabric t take home and hang on your own tree. Craft is ongoing during hours of operation and is self-guided. Advance registration required.

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2018-2019 Preschool 
Open House

Th,  Feb 1 | 6-7:30pm 
Sa, Feb 3 | 10-11:30am  
Held at both Pottawatomie Community Center & Hickory Knolls Discovery Center at the same time.  
Mom Son Date Night 
   Friday, February 2  

RES $16/NR $24 per person (#15020)
Pottawatomie Community Center  
Daddy & Daughter Dances  
Saturday, March 3 (#15010) 
Saturday, March 10 (#15011) 

RES $19/NR $29 per person
Pottawatomie Community Center
Is there a skill, topic or experience you'd like to have offered for your children? New program ideas are always welcome!
Contact Lynne at