September/October 2017
Saturday, September 9  

Ages 3-7
RES $12/NR $18 
On Your Mark... Get Set... Go!
Calling all future Olympians!
Organized by age, tots will participate in four running events and one field event. While this track meet is semi-competitive, all contenders are winners. Held at East Side Sports Complex.
 Age 3 
 Age 4 
 Age 5 
 Ages 6-7 
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Fun for Everyone!

Aug 26-Sep 24

for hours and fees.
An Apple Afternoon
Saturday, October 7 

All Ages           
FREE but please register (#14577)

Autumn is apple season! 
Come out for an apple afternoon. Explore the orchard, harvest an apple, help make applesauce and apple butter in the summer kitchen and use apple stamps to create custom craft projects. Depending on ripening schedules, u-pick opportunities  
may be available for an additional fee. 

Held at Primrose Farm, 5N726 Crane Rd, St. Charles.

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Sunday, September 10  

Ages 2+    
RES $15/NR $23 per person  (#14287
Celebrate Grandma & Grandpa with a spaghetti dinner at Abby's Restaurant. After dinner participants will make a special craft to take home. Participants must be accompanied by a registered parent or grandparent. Advanced registration required.
Held at Abby's Restaurant, 11 N. 3rd Street, St. Charles.
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Saturday, September 16
James O. Breen Co mmunity Park
A rare chance to view the inner workings of the trucks, cars and tractors that are usually only viewed from a distance. Emergency vehicles, a garbage truck, street sweeper, tractor, dump truck, and crane may be among the many workhorses on display. Representatives will be on hand to offer 'tours' and answer questions about some of the equipment.
Bring your camera!
Held at Primrose Farm, 5N726 Crane Road, St. Charles.
Extend your preschooler's day, or just come for the afternoon! Instructors will escort students to classes at the same facility they attend preschool. The park district does not transport children between centers.
Ooey Gooey Gross and Chewy
Ages 3-5
M    Oct 16  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $27/NR $41  (#14085)
Want some great, messy fun? The name says it all! Participate in Halloween themed activities sure to provide lots of entertainment. Enjoy eating lunch with and without your fingers.

Ghoulish Happenings
Ages 3-5
M    Oct 30  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $27/NR $41  (#14084)
Ooey, gooey, fun and chewy. Learn and share age appropriate spooky Halloween stories. Play games, make a ghoulish take-home craft, and enjoy a special treat.

Turkey Treats
Ages 3-5
M    Nov 13  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $27/NR $41  (#14087)
Gobble gobble! Spend the afternoon engaging in Thanksgiving related activities including art, music, and turkey games. Enjoy a fabulous feast and learn about the celebration of Thanksgiving.

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Toddler Art 
Ages 2-3
M    Sep 11-Oct 23*  |  9:30-10:15am  (#14081)
M    Nov 6-Dec 18*  |  9:30-10:15am  (#14141)
RES $45/NR $68

Little hands, big fun! Engage your imagination as you and your toddler create unique artwork together. Explore different art mediums including paint, glitter, and watercolors. Dress for a fun-filled mess! This is a parent/child class.
*No class Oct 9 & Nov 20

Just the Two of Us 
Ages 2-3
Th    Sep 14-Oct 19  |  9:30-10:15am  (#14148)
Th    Nov 2-Dec 14*  |  9:30-10:15am  (#14149)
RES $45/NR $68

Enjoy some special time together by preparing your child for their first classroom experience! Participate in story time, engage in activities, and play with your friends. Geared for the child who is ready to enjoy preschool activities with the comfort of an adult nearby. This is a parent/child class.
*No class Nov 23

Little Messy Hands 
Ages 1½-2½
Tu    Sep 19-Oct 24  |  9:30-10:15am  (#14079)
F    Nov 3-Dec 15*  |  9:30-10:15am  (#14080)
RES $42/NR $63

Spend time with your child making a mess that you won't have to clean up! Explore different textures of messy, sticky, gooey concoctions such as shaving cream, finger paint, slime, silly putty, and spaghetti worms. If your child enjoys digging the dirt, join us for some sensory fun! This is a parent/child class.
*No class Nov 24 
Colors, Shapes, and Me 
Ages 2½-3½
Tu    Sep 19-Oct 24  |  10:30-11:15am  (#14146)
Tu    Nov 7-Dec 19*  |  10:30-11:15am  (#14147)
RES $42/NR $63

Circles, triangles, squares, oh my! Each week we learn about a new shape and color through hands on experiences. Enjoy art, games and songs. Join us for a shape-tacular good time!
*No class Nov 21

NEW! My Little Pony Party 
Ages 3-5
Th    Nov 2  |  10:30am-12pm   
RES $16/NR $24  (#14152)

Gallop to Ponyville with Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy and embark on an amazing morning of everything pony! Participate in pony games, crafts and even a pony snack. If you are a My Little Pony fanatic, this is the class for you.

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Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom! 
Ages 1-2
M    Sep 11-Oct 23*  |  9:30-10am  (#14162)
M    Oct 30-Dec 11*  |  9:30-10am  (#14166)
RES $54/NR $81

Engage in a multi-sensory, musical experience with rhythm instruments, singing, puppets, sign language and lots of moving to the beat! Children will learn about rhythm, musical pitch and more! This is a parent/child class.
*No class Oct 9 & Nov 20

Tots Musical Theatre 
Ages 4-6
Practice musical theatre concepts including acting, singing and dancing from popular musicals. All roles are equal, and each student has a solo. Participants will build confidence and develop many skills including teamwork and creative thinking. This is a parent/child class.
Held at the Arts Center of St. Charles.

Smurfs™ and 101 Dalmations™ 
SHOWCASE: October 11, 5pm 
W    Sep 6-Oct 11  |  4:30-5:30pm   
$95  (#14392)

My Little Pony™ and Chipmunks Christmas™ 
SHOWCASE: December 7, 5pm 
Th    Oct 26-Dec 7*  |  4:30-5:30pm   
$95  (#14396)
*No class Nov 23 
Tot Rock 
Ages 1-2
Tu    Sep 12-Oct 17  |  9:30-10:10am  (#14077)
Tu    Oct 31-Dec 12*  |  9:30-10:10am  (#14145)
RES $60/NR $90

Maracas and clackers and tambourines, too; it's musical fun just for you! Each session focuses on a new theme that incorporates instruments, props, and socialization. Sing, dance, and play today! This is a parent/child class.
*No class Nov 21

Kid Rock 
Ages 2-3
Tu    Sep 12-Oct 17  |  10:15-10:55am  (#14076)
Tu    Oct 31-Dec 12*  |  10:15-10:55am  (#14075)
RES $60/NR $90

Make it a musical day! Develop motor skills through imagination exercises and using movement props such as maracas, tambourines, scarves, and a parachute. Each session focuses on a new theme. Sing, dance, and play today! This is a parent/child class.
*No class Nov 21 

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Tip Toes & Me
Ages 1½-3 (with parent)
F     Sep 8-Oct 27  |  9:30-10am  (#14373)
Sa   Sep 9-Oct 28  |  9:15-9:45am  (#14371)
W    Sep 13-Oct 25  |  5-5:30pm  (#14372)
RES $58/NR $87

F     Nov 3-Dec 15  |  9:30-10am  (#14376)
Sa   Nov 4-Dec 16  |  9:15-9:45am  (#14374)
W    Nov 8-Dec 20  |  5-5:30pm  (#14375)
RES $49/NR $74

Young dancers will bring their imagination to life through creative movement, music and props. Basic dance movements and learning to interact with parent helpers will be introduced. Required attire: leotard, footed tights and pink ballet slippers. This is a parent/child class.

Tiny Tappers
Ages 2-3
M    Sep 11-Oct 30  |  4:15-4:45pm
RES $58/NR $87  (#14391)

M    Nov 6-Dec 18  |  4:15-4:45pm
RES $49/NR $74  (#14393)

Explore the fun rhythms and sounds you can make with your feet. Required attire: hair up (out of face), leotard, footed tights, dance and or yoga style pant or capri and black tap shoes.
Creative Dance
Ages 2½-4
F      Sep 8-Oct 27  |  10-10:30am  (#14384)
Sa    Sep 9-Oct 28  |  11:45am-12:15pm  (#14381)
Tu    Sep 12-Oct 24  |  1:05-1:35pm  (#14382)
W     Sep 13-Oct 25  |  11:05-11:35am  (#14383)
Th    Sep 14-Oct 26  |  5-5:30pm  (#14389)
RES $58/NR $87

F     Nov 3-Dec 15  |  10-10:30am  (#14388)
Sa   Nov 4-Dec 16  |  11:45am-12:15pm  (#14385)
Tu    Nov 7-Dec 19  |  1:05-1:35pm  (#14386)
W     Nov 8-Dec 20  |  11:05-11:35am  (#14387)
Th    Nov 9-Dec 21  |  5-5:30pm  (#14390)
RES $49/NR $74

Perfect for the younger dancer, this class is an introduction to dance. Explore movement through music, stimulate dancers' imagination and promote creativity. Dancers will gain an understanding of the class structure, improve social skills and develop fine motor skills through creative dance movement. Required attire: hair up in a bun (out of face), leotard, footed tights and pink ballet slippers.
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Classes start September 5!
Jr. Basketball  |  Ages 3-5
Jr. Golf  |  Ages 4-7
Jr. Soccer  |  Ages 3-6
Jr. T-Ball  |  Ages 3-6
Multi-Sports  |  Ages 3-6
Parent/Tot Super Sports  |  Ages 2-3 (w/parent)

All classes are taught by All Star Sports Staff.
For full class descriptions, fees, times, locations and to register online, click sports listed above.


Tennis - Red Ball I
Ages 4-7
Sa    Sep 16-Oct 21  |  9:15-10am  (#14234)
Th    Sep 21-Oct 26  |  4:15-5pm  (#14233)
Sa    Oct 28-Dec 9*  |  11-11:45am  (#14235)
Th    Nov 2-Dec 14*  |  4:15-5pm  (#14236)
RES $52/NR $78
Each class will emphasize basic movement, catching, throwing, hitting, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, the "drop-hit" serve, scoring and basic positioning through a series of fun games and activities in a social learning environment.
Held at Pottawatomie Park.
*No class Nov 23 & Nov 25

Developmental Soccer League
Ages 4-5
Sa    Sep 9-Oct 28  |  1-2:10pm   
$108  (#14457)
Based on the U.S. Soccer National Youth Module, this program is designed to improve a player's ability to dribble and move or pass the soccer ball in a team environment. Fee includes t-shirt and trophy. Bring soccer cleats, soccer ball size 4, shin guards and a water bottle. Held at East Side Sports Complex.

Floor Hockey League
Ages 5-6
Sa    Oct 28-Dec 16*  |  8:30-9:30am   
$100  (#14535)
This super-fun and instructional league will teach children the game of hockey before the skates go on with emphasis on teamwork and having fun. This league is great for beginners and for all-stars who want to sharpen their skills. All games will be held at the same time each week. Each child will receive a team jersey and trophy. Held at Geneva Park District - Western Avenue School.
*No league Nov 25

Classes start September 6!
Pre-Karate   |  Ages 4-7
Youth Karate   |  Ages 7-14
Parent/Child Karate   |  Ages 7+ w/adult

For full class descriptions, fees, times, locations and to register online,  CLICK HERE 


Little Dragons Tae Kwon Do
Ages 3-5
This class is designed for the younger martial arts enthusiast. Your children will learn manners, respect as well as basic self-defense such as fire safety and other important life skills. This is the perfect way to introduce younger children into the classroom experience.

Ages 3-5 w/parent
TuTh    Sep 5- Sep 28  |  4:30-5pm  (#14632)
TuTh    Oct 3-Oct 26  |  4:30-5pm  (#14633)
TuTh    Nov 7-Dec 7* |   4:30-5pm  (#14653)
RES $48/NR $72
*No class Nov 21 & 23

Ages 3-5
TuTh    Sep 5- Sep 28  |  5-5:30pm  (#14656)
TuTh    Oct 3-Oct 26  |  5-5:30pm  (#14655)
TuTh    Nov 7-Dec 7*  |  5-5:30pm  (#14654)
RES $48/NR $72
*No class Nov 21 & 23

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All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.
Spectacular September Family Hike
Ages 3+
Sa    Sep 16  |  10-11am   
RES $2/NR $3  (#14178)
Come enjoy the trails in our beautiful natural area with a sendoff to summer. The prairie will be in its final full bloom. We will look for native plants and animals and have fun along the way. Trails are on hills with uneven terrain and are not conducive to strollers. Please wear close toed shoes and dress for the weather. Register all hikers.

NEW!  The Great Scarecrow Search
Ages 1+
Sa    October 21  |  10am-4pm
Su    October 22  |  12-4pm
RES $5/NR $8  (#14006)
The animals have run off with the scarecrow!
Take a self-guided scavenger hunt to follow the clues along the trail. Can you find our garden friend? Return to the building to claim your prize. Must pre-register to receive a prize. Adults are free for this adventure. Come either day to participate in this program. Begin inside building.
NEW! The Great Pumpkin
Ages 1-6
M    Oct 23  |  9-10am   
RES $10/NR $15  (#14007)
The plants may be getting ready for the end of the season, but we can still celebrate the joy of the harvest. Explore plants from the seed to the fruit and you will paint a pumpkin to take home and enjoy. Adults are free.

NEW! Trick or Treat with the Critters
Ages 1-6
Tu    Oct 31  |  10am-4pm   
RES $2/NR $3  (#14161)
The animals have more treats than tricks today. Stop in and visit our resident critters and test out your nature skills. Follow their 'tricky' clues to earn a treat for all of your hard work. Drop in any time on Halloween to participate, but registration is required to receive a prize.

Click code #s to register.
Letter from the  
North Pole 
December 1-12

RES $3/NR $5 per letter
Woodland Santa's Holiday Workshop
   Sunday, December 4 

RES $5/NR $8 per person 
Hickory Knolls Discovery Center  
Breakfast with Santa 
Tuesday, December 12 
9-11am ( #14289 ) 
5-7pm ( #14290

RES $15/NR $23 per person 
Abby's Restaurant, St. Charles  
Is there a skill, topic or experience you'd like to have offered for your children? New program ideas are always welcome!
Contact Lynne at