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Truth and Justice in Our Industry!
To address troubling business models in our industry, a new valuable resource is now available. 
We are grateful for a diligent effort being made to seek out the TRUTH about how suppliers and distributors choose to run their businessesSnoopes Promo is watching out for you with their team of highly motivated truth seekers.  
Snoopes Promo defines itself as the definitive Internet reference source for all things true and false in the promotional products industry. Read all about it in this article, Snoopes Promo Uncovers the Truth About Bad Companies. 
For your reference, Snoopes Promo has determined that ALL the suppliers featured on FreePromoTips.com are quality companies. These suppliers have received the "Snoopes Promo Seal of Approval"


You can see products from great suppliers in our GP2: Good Products - Good Prices Section.

Our new YourPromotionSolution.com video website is adding more short, informative product videos that you all have free access to. These videos can easily be shared with your clients. You can feel safe working with the companies we feature. They are all Snoopes Promo approved!
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Jeff Solomon, MAS

Check Out Our GP2 Section!
Snoopes Promo Uncovers the  
Truth About Bad Companies!


Responding to a need in our industry, a group of savvy distributors and suppliers have come together to create a badly needed resource.
Their mission is to bring truth and justice to our industry. The landing page of the site offers this intro:


Welcome to Snoopes Promo, the definitive Internet reference source for all things true and false in the promotional products industry. Our informative site covers myths, rumors, and misinformation that is shared in social platforms throughout the industry. Don't be misled. Find out the real information here." 


Many are up in arms over the alarming mergers and acquisitions that have clearly challenged the traditional Supplier/Distributor/End User business model.


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