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Paranormal Update 

Paranormal Events at Snug Harbor
:: Investigation of Cottage B
:: CORE Films "Haunted Snug Harbor"
:: Summer Seminar
:: Historical Hauntings II
The West Gate

The West Gate by Laura Pennace


 The paranormal activity doesn't quiet down at Snug Harbor just because it's the summer.


 Spend some time with our in-house paranormal investigators as they explore new buildings, answer your questions in a Q&A forum, and premier a new documentary of Snug Harbor.  


 For more information or to reserve your tickets, contact Kim Pinto, Education Coordinator 718-425-3556/

Investigation of Cottage B

Saturday, June 8th
7pm - 9pm 


NYPS at the Governor's House  - Laura Pennace

Find out the other side of the Matron's story with the New York Paranormal Society on June 18th as they investigate the cottage where the infamous doctor and his jealous wife were rumored to live.  


Bring your equipment (especially a flashlight) if you have it and steel your nerves for a night of scandal, intrigue, and the paranormal.   


The investigation is scheduled from 7pm-9pm, but if the ghosts start causing trouble like they have in other locations the past, the investigation will go longer.   


Tickets are limited for this unique event and will not be sold at the door.


Haunted Snug Harbor -  

A CORE Films Documentary

Saturday, October 8th

8pm - 10:30: Premier of Movie/Q&A

10:30 - midnight:  Investigation (optional) 

Brooke and KA

Ladies of Scared! in the Music Hall

Having gone all over the country to investigate claims of the paranormal, the SCARED! Crew returns to their home of Staten Island to delve into the haunted history of Snug Harbor Cultural Center.


Rich with history, this location also holds a sinister side, one of forbidden love, adultery, suicide, torture, and even murder.  With such morbidity often comes the presence of paranormal activity.  


Join the SCARED! Crew and their colleagues as they search for proof to back up the various eyewitness accounts. This film will document Snug Harbor's rich history while investigating its even darker past. 


This unique documentary was produced by CORE Films and sponsored by a COAHSI Premier Grant, and will premiere on the very grounds of this historic location in the Music Hall, the second oldest music hall in NYC.


Tickets will be available starting August 1st through CORE Films. 

MOVIE OPTION $20: includes the premiere and a copy of the DVD.

HUNT OPTION: $35: includes the movie, DVD, and a late night hunt of the Music Hall.


Summer Seminar

Sunday, August 7th



Bri Jay Sto

Scared & NYPS at Historical Hauntings - Laura Pennace 

Our three in-house paranormal groups: New York Paranormal Society, SCARED!, and the Staten Island Paranormal Society will join together on August 7th for a paranormal seminar.  


Starting off with a bring-your-own-picnic with the experts on the grounds of Snug Harbor from 5pm-7pm, the groups will then interact on panels covering different aspects of the paranormal (more details on panels to come) and Q&A sessions in the VMH.  


Tickets are $20 a person ($25 at the door). It's free to join in the picnic.  


Historical Hauntings II

October 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st

November 4th, 5th, 6th

Times Vary 

Buliding P
Building P on the night of Historical Hauntings

Starting with a "Spirit Fair" in Building P, guests will be taken on a two hour tour of the buildings rumored to be the most haunted on campus: the Matron's Cottage, C Hall, the Governor's House, Cottage B, and the Music Hall.


Each location will have a paranormal investigative group waiting to answer your questions, share with you information about their findings, and take you on a mini-investigation of the building and grounds.


There is no cost for the fair and it is open to all ages.


The tours will be $13 adults/$8 for children ages 10-17. The tours are not suitable for children under 10. Tickets can be purchased before the event at a discounted rate and will be available starting August 1st.


***More details to come as we get closer to the event***  

To reserve your tickets or for more information on these and other educational programs, please contact Kim Pinto, Education Coordinator 718-425-3556/