How Does Raising Children Help Us 
Plan Wedding and Party Music?

June 21, 2016

Is this a ridiculous question?  

Well, maybe it's NOT so crazy.

More in a minute.  

But first, a quick story:

Last week I was chatting with a friend 
at a networking meeting in San Jose.  

She told me the main benefit of raising 
children is to teach us how  to care for 
our parents as they grow older. 


I think she meant that learning how to 
care for  someone  creates a  life-long 
attitude  about how  to  treat people kindly.

Makes sense to you?  

Personally I agree, but I doubt this is the 
MAIN  benefit we get from raising children.  

I can imagine several more important benefits
You too?  Plus others that are less obvious.  

For example, here's a less obvious one:

And this probably won't surprise you. 

I believe that raising children can help us plan 
our wedding and party music.

It's not the only way, of course, but  raising 
children  teaches us  deep  person-to-person skills.
Most people I know who've raised children treat 
each  other kindly and develop satisfying personal 

They've learned valuable lessons  of kindness,
generosity, compassion, patience, 
gratitude, and the capacity for loving.  

You know, all those good commandments  from 
all  the  world's holy books.  Those universal 
person-to-person skills  that  make us civilized.

THESE SKILLS are the key to living successfully.  
The key to  living effectively  everywh ere.

So now back to the question I started with:
"How does raising children help us plan  wedding 
and party music?"

The heart of the answer is this: all these 
skills for success are about our FEELINGS.

About relying on our emotions to get through 
life's challenges.  

Not, as I once  suspected,  about relying on our
great intellect to navigate 
life's up and downs.

Most experts agree that people usually make 
decisions based on emotions.  And afterward 
we use our logic to justify these decisions.  

As though we need to reassure ourselves that 
we made the right choices after all.

Want to see this in action?  Just look wherever
people need to make a decision. 

What evidence, if any, are they using?  
What guides their choice?  

Feelings or logic?

You'll find examples everywhere you turn.
And you do it yourself all the time, too:  
  • What should I plan for dinner tonight?  
  • What shoes should I wear today?  
  • Why should you believe what I'm saying?
Examine each choice we make.  Nearly every time, 
you'll find we make a decision based on our feelings.  

And then we come up with an explanation that seems 
logical enough to justify it.

It's not our fault.  Like it or not, this is how we work:  
Heart first, then brains.

Here's the bottom line for wedding & party music: 
The secret for planning music  at any celebration 
is targeting the FEELINGS behind the  celebration.

And raising children can give us skills to target 
those feelings effectively.

And that's it!  Case closed!  

Really?  Well, of course NOT.

For important decisions, I still believe  we  need 
to guide our choices with some expert  advice, 
as well  as with our emotions.

Let's say you're organizing a special project.  
You want to work with some capable people, 
eager  to make your dreams come true, right?  

Inevitably, you'll make your plans based on your 
feelings.  We all know to expect that by now.  

But don't jump in with your feelings alone.  
Be smart  and gather some expert  opinions 
to back up  your  feelings.  Ask a pro.

Wherever you can, get advice from experienced 
professionals, who've "been there, done that".

So here's why I'm thinking about this:  

It won't  happen every day but  the next time 
you're  planning music for a wedding  or a party, 
you can call me.  

Based on your intuition , you'll already have 
lots of  feelings about what music you want.  

And I'll be glad to add the voice of experience to 
help guide your planning.

Since 1975,  I've  been playing music  nearly  every 
day.  And helping  people plan the perfect music 
for their celebrations.

Mostly at private events like weddings and parties.
But occasionally at public festivities somewhere 
in the San Francisco Bay Area.

So here are 3 things you can do whenever you're 
looking for upbeat, elegant music , played exactly 
the way you  want it: 
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