Earlier this month, the Aspire Board of Directors, members of the Senior Leadership Team and I spent two days in Memphis deepening our understanding of the educational, historical and political landscapes of Memphis. We had the pleasure of visiting our Aspire East and Aspire Hanley schools and all of us were deeply impressed by the quality of teaching, intensity of student engagement and supportive communities the team has created for our scholars and families.

An additional highlight of the visit was our time with Aspire Memphis parents. In our experience, the hopes and insights parents and guardians share about their children are critical to our success. It was powerful to hear directly from our parents about the reasons they chose Aspire, and that their clear desire and expectation - and rightfully so - to be engaged with us, as we partner to support, shape, nurture, and prepare their children for their futures.  Throughout Aspire, we are fortunate to have thousands of committed families that place their trust in us each and every day. And teammates are working hard to meaningfully engage these families - from Advisory School Councils to Regional Family Group meetings. 

This month as families come together to say thanks, we say thanks to all in the Aspire family who continue to make the promise of College for Certain an option for all our scholars. Parents from around Aspire took a moment to share what makes Aspire special in this video clip below. This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for them, for our staff and for each of you, who continue to support us and in your own way, change the odds.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolyn Hack
Chief Executive Officer

1001 22nd Avenue | Oakland, CA 94606
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