Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture 
Society Notes
April 11, 2017

Next Event: Seven Stars Farm & Wyebrook Farm
Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture welcomes its members to attend the second field trip of the season.
Richard Roush presented to PSPA at April 6th. Meeting
Professor Richard Roush, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University highlighting the implications of GM crops for climate change, conservation of soil and water resources, and feeding the growing world.
Farming Notes
March 2017
Check out the latest Farming Notes and updates from member and Ex-President Duncan Allison... MORE>

NY TIMES: A Staten Island
Urban Farmer
Zaro Bates operates and lives on a 5,000-square-foot farm on Staten Island, which may make her the city’s only commercial farmer-in-residence...  MORE>
Senators Quiz USDA Head Nominee
Sonny Perdue, President Donald Trump’s nominee for Agriculture secretary, seemed to reassure every senator on every issue during his confirmation hearing...

Los Angeles Times: Not Enough Farm Laborers, Even With Higher Wages and Benefits
Arnulfo Solorio’s desperate mission to recruit farmworkers for the Napa Valley took him far from the pastoral vineyards to a raggedy parking lot in Stockton, in the heart of the Central Valley...  MORE>

Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture at the 
Philly Farm and Food Fest 

The Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture had a great day on Saturday, April 8, at the Philly Farm and Food Fest held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Several of our members spent the day interacting with visitors at the event and shared the story of our Society. We shared a Pennsylvania agriculture quiz with visitors and gave them a copy of the Chester County Farm Bureau cookbook. This giveaway was greeted with enthusiasm by all who stopped by to our booth. In addition we shared a special PSPA thumb drive with digital renditions of our slideshow presentation and other information about the Society. We can anticipate some good feedback and even, perhaps, a few new members!”

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