Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture 
Society Notes
February 13, 2018

“Where’s the beef!”
RSVP Early for March Field Trip
The March 2018 field trip for the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture will finally answer that question!
Sheely Raises Big Questions About Workforce
At the February meeting, Dr. Sheely gave a rousing presentation concerning the status and future of agricultural and food system employment in Pennsylvania in the coming years.
Dr. MeeCee Baker Honored with the Society’s Gold Medal
President John Urbanchuk presented the Society’s gold medal to Dr. MeeCee Baker for a lifetime of commitment to agriculture and her pioneering career as a woman in ag leadership...   MORE>
PSPA is Guest of PASA
PSPA Member Michael McGrath attended the recent annual conference of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture held in State College, PA ...   MORE>
2nd Annual Philadelphia Grain and Malt Symposium
The organizing committee for the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Grain and Malt Symposium is pleased to invite you to learn, network, and strengthen the local grain and malt supply chain in our region starting March 2nd ...   MORE>
What is Gene Editing and Why Should You Care?
Animal and plant breeders are trying out a set of powerful new tools which have the potential to revolutionize agricultural practices and provide consumers with more healthy and safe food options. ..  MORE>
How to Use the PSPA Library Online 

Last year the Historical and Library Committee worked on some reorganization of the online access to the PSPA Library and set-up some clear directions for use. On www.pspaonline's website, click “Resources,” then “ Library and Archive .” You will see a collection of options. Click “ How to Search the Penn Libraries Online Catalog ” and the instructions for use will come up. If you wish to learn more about the collections, on the website, click “Resources,” then “Library and Archive,” then “ Introduction ."