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January 12, 2018

Next Meeting: Dr. Scott Sheely, of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Joins us to discuss present employment picture in agriculture and food industries, and the department’s forecast.
December's Field Trip to Mountain Laurel Spirits
Mountain Laurel Spirits then provided a wonderful in-depth tour of the value-added process of distilling a classic rye whiskey from grains grown in Pennsylvania.
Dr. MeeCee Baker to be presented with Gold Medal Award
The Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture will recognize with its Gold Medal to Dr. MeeCee Baker at our February 2018 meeting at the Union League....   MORE>
Young Boy Has a “Head on His Shoulders!
Check out this young vegetable grower, a California champion of a national cabbage growing competition that involves more than 1 million schoolchildren each year....   MORE>
Farming Notes – December 2017
Thanks to member Duncan Allison for this month’s Farming notes discussing cycles in farming and other topics ...   MORE>
Wildlife and Farming – Partners
Attracting wildlife to the farm can be both fun and profitable. Check it out – what Missouri farmers are doing to enhance their wildlife hospitality...  MORE>
January Meeting Information

Due to weather, the January luncheon meeting was cancelled. For any member who purchased tickets for the luncheon, you will be credited towards a future luncheon. Please contact Michael McGrath with any questions.

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