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UU Teach-In

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This month's Theme is 'JOY'
Dear FUSW - the Covenant committee would like to thank you all for the thoughtful discussion during and after the service on April 30.  We estimate about 30 people stayed for the potluck and meeting and there was healthy and significant sharing of multiple perspectives about the meaning of "covenant" for FUSW and whether to proceed in drafting one for eventual review and approval by the congregation.
We do understand and heard clearly the diversity of viewpoints regarding the need for either behavioral or relationship aspects of a formal covenant for FUSW.  We further recognize that we should continue the process of discussion in a spirit of sharing more deeply what a successful outcome could bring to us.  One idea we explored as a follow-up is that perhaps having a set of examples or themes specifically relevant to FUSW might lead us to deeper understanding of each other and consensus on any next steps.
Some examples that might serve as a jumping off point to understand how a covenant goes beyond the FUSW bylaws and Seven Principles are listed in the linked web page.  If you are interested in continuing last week's discussion please join our table during coffee hour this Sunday and let's talk about the points linked here or others and see if we can move forward.
Let's discuss this Sunday!! 

Swimming In It...

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith. What allows us to explore our different beliefs and honor each others' unique experiences is that we covenant to walk the journey together and to support each other as we each learn and grow at our own pace. It also means that we believe in staying in relationship and growing together through challenges, especially when we fall short of fully living into our stated values.

The realization that we sometimes fall short is painful.  When we are willing to listen to the voices of those who feel alienated rather than held by our faith community, we have the opportunity to build more deeply authentic relationships and to honor our shared humanity.  We have such an opportunity now as we are called by members of our faith community to explore systems and practices of white supremacy culture as they may affect our congregations and denomination.

687 UU congregations (and counting!) have affirmed they will hold a teach-in to learn and grow  together as we also commit to resisting practices that prevent us from being the multicultural, racially just and welcoming community we want to be.  Join us during worship this  Sunday, May 14th  for the FUSW teach-in where we will examine the waters in which we swim, ways some of us may be blind to realities experienced by others, and what it might look like for us to live more fully into our UU values.

We suggest these resources to help us prepare for the teach-in::
Join us this Sunday as we learn and grow together. 
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Upcoming Activities at FUSW
This Saturday, May 13th at 11:00am  we will celebrate our RE volunteers with a brunch at FUSW.   RE volunteers should RSVP to April Castoldi and Jen Rohr, the RE Co-chairs.  If you would like to contribute food or drinks for the brunch, contact Sarah Clarke (families, this is a wonderful way to thank the RE volunteers for their work and dedication this year).

Path to Membership Meeting
Sunday, May 21st    
12:00 - 1:30 pm

If you are thinking of becoming a member of the congregation or just would like to know more about the Society, we invite you to attend the Path to Membership meeting after Services on May 21st.   We will be meeting with congregation leaders in the Minister's office. Refreshments will be served and childcare is available.
Whether or not you attend the Path meeting, we would welcome your becoming part of the congregation during the New Member Service on  June 4th.

Sign-Up for Summer Services!
We need your help to make our lay-led Summer Services possible! Sign-up to lead a summer service, or pull s and share your thoughts and your voice! 

Email if you are interested, or sign-up via this online sign-up sheet or our poster in the foyer at FUSW!

Lend a Caring Hand!
We need your help to send caring cards to members from our Joys and Concerns book. Responding to the needs of our community takes only a few minutes each week, and can be infinitely rewarding. Please help to make sure our notes of appreciation keep going! 
Please email Emily if you are interested in being part of 
our Caring Committee. 

Save the date 
Saturday, June 3, 7:00 PM
The First U Rock and Soul Revue
is hosting a 
"Midsummer Night's Dance Party"
Come join us for an evening of music and dancing 
as we welcome back Rev. Peggy Clarke from her sabbatical!
More details to follow...
Community Concert @ FUSW
Saturday, May 20, 7:30 PM
"Gurf Morlix's voice could steer a ship through a storm." 
                                   - Brian T. Atkinson, Austin Music Magazine
Saturday, May 20 at 11am in the Main Meeting Room
A group of people have been meditating together for several years at FUSW.  We want to reach out and invite those people who would like to practice Mindfulness mediation with others to join us.  Also, anyone who is new to meditation will be welcome and will get help to start.
For further questions, email June at
Save the date for the
FUSW Annual Meeting  
Sunday, June 4th 
at 12 noon 

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Social Justice Corner
If you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and, many times, 
adversarial press...And without it, I am afraid that we would lose so much of our individual 
liberties over time. That's how dictators get started.                        Senator John McCain


Share the Plate this Sunday with 

Please visit the FUSW website Social Justice Upcoming Events Page by clicking   here....
  • Volunteers needed Sundays to pickup & deliver for Arms Shelter, White Plains
  • Justice Mondays continue...  
  • Midnight Run Benefit Concert - Cassatt Quartet - This Sunday, May 14th - 3:00 PM at South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry.  Suggested Donation at the door, $20- 25 or $10-15 for Seniors and Students.
  • Repro Freedom Day of Action Tuesday, May 16th at the NYS Capital Building in Albany
  • The LOFT LGBT Community Center's Pride Festival; only one of its kind in Westchester County - White Plains Saturday, June 3, for more information click on Facebook 
  • Westchester Social Forum: Building the Movement for Social & Ecological Justice Saturday, May 20th  
Go to to prove Scott Pruitt wrong that people like you don't care enough about clean air and water to speak out.

Interested in a UU  Standing on the Side of Love t-shirt to support your social justice activities?
 Check out and  20% discount on orders of 10 or more.
Contact Bob Grejdus for more information:
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We want to remind everyone that posts shared in this group are not reflective of the staff or stance of FUSW unless posted from the website or other FUSW sources. Much like congregational reflection, these posts reflect the voices of the individuals who post here. And much like congregational reflection, we ask that you think about the diversity of our community, including political, religious, racial, or other differences, before posting, and respect the voices of those who post here.  We want to continue to create an inclusive community online as well as in person.

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