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This week's sale:

Soft (or new) shell lobsters $9.99/lb.
The soft shell lobster season is here! You're in for a treat as soft shells can easily be broken open with bare hands and the meat is at its most flavorful and tender.


In order for lobsters to grow, they molt. They drink lots of seawater to expand the inner, new shell that cracks the old, hard shell. Then, while the exposed new shell hardens, the seawater helps insulate the lobster's body. It also acts as a sort of marinade to make the soft shell lobster meat sweeter and more tender.


Points to keep in mind:
  • Order by 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 10
  • Cracking soft shell lobsters will be a bit messier.
  • There will be slightly less meat for the same poundage. The lower price compensates for this, but get more if you want similar meat weight.
  • Lobsters are lower in calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol than skinless chicken and skinless turkey. 
  • Finally, our continuing lower price point makes it easy to eat lobster often. Experiment with new cooking methods and recipes to find new favorites to add to your tried and true ones. 

Monday's offerings
Red Snapper
Alaskan King Salmon
Loch Duart Salmon
Ruby Trout
Sushi-grade Tuna
Canadian Maritimes Salmon
Alaskan Halibut


New! Tuna Burgers
Lobster Rolls
The above information is what we're sure of as of this posting. Please look for a complete listing and recipe(s) in our Tuesday e-mail. 
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In closing . . .
We love our customers! Because we're busy in the shop, we can't monitor voicemails or e-mails on a consistent basis. Please call and speak to one of us directly to place your order.
Thanks for buying fresh and shopping locally!

See you soon,

Kevin & the Lobsta Bakes crew

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