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Practical multivibrator types of waveform generator circuits. Part 6 of 8


Multivibrators are two-state (output high or output low) circuits that can be switched between one state and the other via a suitable trigger signal, which may be generated either internally or externally.       


The Big Ear


The Big Ear
Build this "audio telescope" and listen in on faint or far away sounds.
The Big Ear's most obvious feature is its parabolic dish reflector. The reflector concentrates sound energy onto a microphone that connects to a very high gain amplifier, and believe it or not, it's all assembled on a wood base you can find in any place that sells concrete supplies and tools!

Servo City Servo Power Gearboxes


Use these gearboxes to create a robot arm, steering mechanism, pan/tilt, or anything else you dream up!
Designed to fit inside Actobotics aluminum channel, they are easy to mount and customize.
Order a pre-assembled unit with a servo already installed, or buy the kit and install a servo you already have!


AVR C Programming Workshop - Part 6    

More C syntax and a menu navigation system for the Butterfly. 

In this workshop, after learning more about C syntax for decision making, we're going to write a menu navigation system similar in concept to the one on your cell phone, but for the Butterfly using its LCD and joystick.

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Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller
Protect your batteries from overcharging.

To charge a battery, the charging voltage of the charging device - whether solar or a regular battery charger - has to produce a voltage above the battery voltage itself. If you think of a battery as a big resistor, the picture becomes clearer. This reader-requested solar controller for charging 12 volt lead-acid batteries is very simple to build and will help keep your batteries in tip-topped off shape.

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