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Solar News - Spring 2012
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We updated our website late last year with a new look. Take a visit and look at our new photo gallery of projects. We also have links to some of our monitored solar electric projects showing real time and historical output data. Finally check out our blog articles and contact us with any content you would like to see.

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Hi Everyone  

Welcome to our first newsletter, we hope you enjoy it and wish you all a pleasant and sun filled year!
Maintenance of Solar Hot Water Systems 
All our Enerworks systems should receive maintenance and be checked every three years to maintain warranty. At service time the heat transfer fluid will be replaced and filters will be cleaned, the system pressure will be inspected Enerworks system and correct operation will be tested. Also we offer an optional check on the condition of the sacrificial anode in the solar storage tank and other storage tanks which protect the tanks from corrosion.
Schedule your service before March 31 2012 and we will do a free inspection of the anode in your solar storage tank valued at $25. Cost of regular service including heat transfer fluid replacement is $125 +GST, there is an additional travel charge of $1 +GST per km each way to sites outside of Saskatoon. Anode rod replacement cost is $65 per anode +GST for a standard system. There may be extra anode replacement costs associated with systems that have minimal clearance above the storage tank.
Homestyles 2012
As in previous years we are exhibiting at the Homestyles show at Praireland Park in Saskatoon which takes place between March 22-25. Come say hello at booth 328, also enter our free prize draw. We look forward to seeing you there!
Social Media
At Rock Paper Sun in addition to keeping up with solar and energy efficient heating technologies, we are striving to keep pace with current social media trends. We have recently setup corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts. So please feel free to Like us on Facebook and/or Follow us on twitter. Please click on the links to the left and then click on the Like button or Follow buttons on our pages and you will keep up to date with any new content. We encourage you to engage with us using what ever media you are most comfortable with. We're trying to keep up with the electronic formats, and still enjoy phone calls, or sitting down for a coffee and a chat.
Solar System Performance 
Over the last 3 years installing solar electric (PV) systems, we have had a chance to monitor some of the performance data. We have sites that are rural and urban with varying levels of shading from lots to almost none. 
Enphase Enlighten
The majority of systems installed use microinverters one per PV module which make the system perform better in partial shade conditions. Our results show that average systems with little shading produce 1.3 - 1.6 MWh for every kW of modules installed. The more shaded systems produce 1.0 - 1.3 MWh annually for each kW installed.  Current output of some of our installed systems can be viewed on our webpages under the Projects, PV monitoring tab or by clicking on the picture above.
Your feedback requested
Do you have any story we could share with others in our newsletter? Including how your system is performing, energy savings or monitored data. We would also appreciate your feedback on the format and or content. Finally if you have any ideas for articles for future issues let us know.
As an incentive we are giving away tickets to Homestyles 2012 to the first 6 customers who contact us by phone or email, mentioning this newsletter. Providing us with feedback about the current newsletter, future articles ideas or your stories. 
We look forward to your feedback, and let us know if you would like to schedule any services.

Phil & Brent
Rock Paper Sun
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Save $25
Save on the inspection of your Anode rods in your solar storage tank schedule your solar hot water system service today. We will perform this inspection at no charge during the service.
Offer Expires: 31 March 2012