Air Pollution Takes a Toll on Solar Energy 
Air pollution is a drag for renewable energy. Dust and other sky-darkening air pollutants slash solar energy production by 17 to 25 percent across parts of India, China and the Arabian Peninsula, a new study estimates. The haze can block sunlight from reaching solar panels. And if the particles land on a panel's flat surface, they cut down on the area exposed to the sun. Dust can come from natural sources, but the other pollutants have human-made origins, including cars, factories and coal-fired power plants. More

Nearly 2.4 Gigawatts of Solar Installed in the US During Second Quarter of 2017 
The U.S. installed almost 2.4 gigawatts (GW) of solar photovoltaics in the second quarter of 2017, an increase of 8 percent year-on-year, according to a new report from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Breaking the figures down, a total of 2,387 megawatts (MW) were installed in the second quarter with total installed capacity in the U.S. hitting 47.1 GW, enough to power just over nine million homes. Looking forward, the U.S. Solar Market Insight report forecast that this year would see the solar industry add 12.4 GW of new capacity, down from GTM Research's prior forecast of 12.6 GW. More
Distributed Wind Power Keeps Spinning, Growing
Both businesses and homeowners are increasingly using distributed wind power thanks to innovative business models and other trends, according to a new report released today. The 2016 Distributed Wind Market Report offers the fifth annual analysis of distributed wind power, which largely involves generating wind power near where it will be used instead of purchasing it from large, centralized wind farms. Distributed wind can range from a small, solitary turbine at a remote cabin to several large turbines powering an entire neighborhood. More

Toxic Emissions From 46 Petrochemical Sites, Flooding At 14 Toxic Waste Sites, & ~100 Hazardous Substance Spills - Hurricane Harvey's Talley To Date
The tally on that count, as it stands right now, is: flooding and/or damage reported at 14 toxic waste sites in or around Houston; around 100 spills of hazardous substances of various kinds; and the release of around 4.6 million pounds of airborne emissions (via 46 facilities in 13 different counties) "that exceeded state limits," going by an analysis from the Environmental Defense Fund, Air Alliance Houston, and Public Citizen. More

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