Trump Will Withdraw U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement
President Trump announced Thursday that he will withdraw the United States from participation in the Paris climate accord, weakening global efforts to combat climate change and siding with conservatives who argued that the landmark 2015 agreement was harming the economy.  More

3 Burning Questions (and Answers) About Tesla's Solar Roof Calculator
When Tesla unveiled pricing for its Solar Roof last week, Consumer Reports ran a cost-benefit analysis on three real-world houses. Two of them more than recouped the high up-front costs of the Solar Roof over 30 years, and one came out a net loss. More

Cheap, Spray-On Solar Cells Developed By Canadian Researchers 
Silicon-free solar cells, light and flexible enough to roll up or use as window blinds, are under development at a University of Alberta lab. The solar cells are made using nanoparticles - microscopic particles just 30 to 40 atoms across - that are very cheap to produce from zinc and phosphorous, said Jillian Buriak, a University of Alberta chemistry professor and senior research officer of the National Institute of Nanotechnology.  More

Why Solar Developed 8minutenergy Is So Excited About the Energy  Storage Market
With duck curves on the prowl and curtailment on the rise, there are dangers stalking utility-scale solar's natural habitat. Solar developer 8minutenergy wants to ward off these threats with large-scale energy storage. The company spent the last year quietly picking up staff with years of experience developing storage in California utilities, and recently revealed the new practice, with a pipeline of 1 gigawatt already in place.  More

Affordable Solar Power Is Coming to Low-Income Minority Neighborhoods
In the predominantly African-American neighborhood of Broadway Heights in San Diego, nearly half of the 192 homes have rooftop solar panels. Neighbor after neighbor talks about what they could now afford. They were paying $200 and $300 a month in electric bills. Now they're paying zero to $50.  More

New Global Solar Capacity Could Surpass 2016 Record this Year  
New global solar capacity will continue to grow this year, after lower costs drove it to record levels in 2016, and could surpass 80 gigawatts (GW), Europe's solar industry forecast on Tuesday. Solar photovoltaic (PV) module prices have fallen 80 percent since 2009 as capacity has risen and technologies improved.  More

Forward Labs Solar Roof Promises Higher Production, Lower Cost than Tesla's  
With all of the hoopla over Tesla's solar roof offering, which drew a little bit of fire for Musk's claim that is will "actually cost less than a normal roof," it can be easy to miss some of the current and upcoming solar roof contenders, such as SunTegra. But there are other companies innovating in the thin-film, building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), solar tile, solar blinds, and solar roof sector, such as Forward Labs, which is now taking reservations for its product in 2018.  More

Dong Energy Divests Its Oil and Gas Business to Focus on Renewables 
The bells are tolling for the Danish oil and gas industry, and they sound like Dong. Denmark's largest power producer, Dong Energy, agreed to sell its complete upstream oil and gas interests to global petrochemical manufacturer Ineos for $1.05 billion plus contingent payments, concluding an effort announced in October.  More

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"The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy."  - Arnold Schwarzenegger  

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