An urgent alert from the US Section of the
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

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CALLING ALL WILPF MEMBERS ... to a Solidarity Event in April
Imagine the power of standing in solidarity with WILPF members across the US on a single day.

That is exactly what we're planning. And we want YOU to participate.
Begin by advising the best day and theme
By January 8, return the ballot form HERE that tells us your preference for:
A date: There are 2 days in April to choose from.
A theme: There are 3 themes to choose from.
Find out how YOU can participate
Even if you are an at-large member of WILPF US.
We are offering 3 levels of participation. Because we want EVERYONE to be able to do something!
You have until January 29 to commit to participate at your preferred level. Find the choices HERE
And the commitment Form, due January 29, HERE.
Once you commit, we'll provide resources and guidance.
  • You'll receive a toolkit with suggestions for organizing, tips for promotion, and a step by step guide for planning.
  • We'll send you updates between now and April to let you know what others are planning.
  • We'll help with national promotion & media and help you use your own social media to connect.
This event is bigger than you think. We're not just acting together on one day across America.

We're also fine-tuning our coordination and strategy for rapid response capabilities in the future.

We're going to need to develop capacity for the foreseeable future!

Being an effective national (and International) peace and justice organization depends on us fine-tuning these skills.

Join us in solidarity
To assert you will be with us in the continuing struggle for women, planet and peace!

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom/US Section
11 Arlington Street | Boston, MA 02116 | 617-266-0999 |