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January 2017

Issue 49




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Nancy is co-Founder of
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Nancy Gould, Past President Estate Planning Council of Putnam County

Track Your Money

Barb and Ben were overwhelmed.  He was in and out of the hospital.  And, while Barb had worked full time and raised four children, who are now busy professionals with children of their own, she had never handled the family finances.  With the added stress and time commitment of caring for Ben, their paperwork was piling up.

Knowing she needed assistance, Barb asked her trusted advisors if they could refer her to a professional who helped seniors with their paperwork -- a "daily money manager/financial organizer."

Once she chose the right person, Barb and her daily money manager met weekly to process the "backlog," handle new mail, review and pay bills, and submit Ben's insurance claims.  Together, they communicated with her accountant, attorney, and financial advisor.

Barb was the ultimate decision maker and she alone signed all checks.

Most importantly, calm was restored.  With Ben's health declining, Barb had more time and energy for him, knowing that the bills were being paid and paperwork handled correctly. 

Her children, all of whom live far away, also had the peace of mind that Mom was getting the hands-on assistance she needed.  "I don't want to worry about her bills, I just want to be her daughter," Barb's daughter said during a visit home.  With a trusted daily money manager in place, working side by side with her mom, now she can. 
This guest blog was provided by Karen R. Caccavo, Personal Money Manager. For more about daily money managers/financial organizers and how they work for you, your family, or your clients, contact Karen:

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