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Sony Bluetooth Boombox, P-Bone Mini, and Ampeg!

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We have some super cool new products in this week, you've just got to come check them out!  Here's a few of them to peak your interest.


New Sony Bluetooth Wireless Boombox In Stock!       

This new boombox from Sony is amazing.  It sounds great, it's portable (up to 16 hours of continuous battery operation), it has a built-in AM/FM stereo tuner with 30 station preset memory, and for added effect, the Light Sync lighting effects synchronize with the beat of the music.  This will even wirelessly stream audio from your compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone or music devices.  You want more? How about having the ability to power the speaker on, activate Bluetooth, pair the two devices, and stream your music by just touching your phone to the front of the boombox? This does that too! Using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, this boombox give you that convenient Bluetooth pairing so you can just touch it and go. Stop in and we'll show you a demo.



If you have any questions or want to see this in action, just stop in, call or email Allison

pBone Mini
Jiggs pBone Now Available In Mini Size!

That's right! Conceived by the team who brought the Jiggs pBone to the world, pBone mini is aimed at young, beginner brass players taking their first steps. pBone mini is a fully functioning, plastic, alto trombone pitched in Eb.  It is incredibly light and durable and its special mouthpiece makes it easy for the very young player to get a great sound and a quickly develop skills for crossing harmonics and developing a useful working range. It has a full seven positions and has been tuned to have a great first octave.  The pBone mini makes a fun, cost effective introduction to the world of alto trombone for any player. As it will take any small shank mouthpiece it would make a fun addition to any jazz players instrument collection!  As well as all this, pBone mini is probably the cutest trombone in the world.  It is available in blue and red, and we have both in stock right now.  Come on over and check them out!


Have questions? Stop in, call, or email Jeremy or Jon.  They would be happy to help.

Portaflex Ampeg Bass Amps!
In our effort to always bring you the hottest new gear, we have just brought added Ampeg to our bass amplifier line.  If you're a bass player, you should know Ampeg.  Since 1949, Ampeg has produced some of the music industry's most innovative and memorable products, satisfying the needs of musicians all over the world. One of the coolest amps they came out with was the flip top Portaflex for bass.  Well they have brought it back and have made a new affordable solid state version too! Just choose a head (available in 350, 500, or 800 watts), attach it to the top of the 115 or 210 cab (115 and 410 extension cabs also available),
and flip it inside and hit the road.  We have the 350 watt head and 115 cab in stock right now, so stop in and check it out.



Stop in, call, or email Chris V or Alan with any questions or orders.


As always, we are here for all of your audio, video, and musical needsIf we can be of service, please don't hesitate to call or stop in.



Christopher Vangellow
Northern Music & Video