Sorry, if This Offends You...
I've been pondering writing this for a while. As you probably know, most of my commentaries touch on real world industry stories, personal experiences and general business topics. In this rant, I'm going to share some of my thoughts on the current state of the promotional products industry. Sorry if this offends you. 
I love our industry. There are many great forward thinking leaders who care about making a positive difference. Our trade Association PPAI is recognizing changes in the marketplace, and working diligently on our behalf addressing important issues that affect our livelihoods.

I say OUR industry, because any industry is made of people. Suppliers, distributors, service providers, sales people, multi-line reps, associations, and networking groups are our lifeblood. People are what make the industry great. We are blessed to have some amazing people doing good work.

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Fields - Holiday Gifts
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Four Gift Giving Tips For Businesses

Today's business world is all about relationships. Take a step in the right direction and cement your relationships with clients, colleagues, employees and partners with business gifts given during the holidays. 
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10 Festive Promo Products for  the Holiday Season
Corporate gifts. Holiday parties and events. Winter giveaways. With all the marketing opportunities the upcoming holiday season brings, your clients are likely looking for a lot of festive ideas! We've collected a range of our favorite items that will inspire your clients to celebrate the holidays with custom promo products.

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Ornaments from  American Greenwood

Ornaments from American Greenwood add sparkle to your tree, wreath or centerpiece. They say Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year. Each ornament comes boxed and ready for gift giving.

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