Easy to apply wrinkle effect powders, bright chrome, FREE Fabtech passes and much more
Wrinkle look powder coatings
So many of us worry about wrinkles, but at Polychem, we embrace them! Our wrinkle look powder
coatings are incredibly popular and give you the opportunity to add a unique look in a range of colors. Produced in urethane technology, these distinctive powders are easy to apply, competitively priced and give your product or customer a really different powder coating choice. Just two of our many wrinkle look powders are:

   Black Gold Wrinkle                  Copper Cabana Wrinkle
    URWL91850                           URWL 91772PB                        
The best way to check out our wrinkle look powders is to request a sample panel today. Remember these wrinkle effects can be formulated in a range of colors. Contact Lauren at Lbayer@ifscoatings.com for sample panels.
Attend Fabtech in VEGAS for FREE with Polychem
If you ever need an excuse to spend a night in sin city, and catch a show, hit the slots or just party, then
this is it. Fabtech, North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event rolls into Vegas in November and Polychem has FREE entry passes available for you.

The trade show is a must see for anyone in the coatings and metal fabrication industries as it gives you the opportunity to see, touch and learn about the latest innovations in metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing. From new technology developed specifically for small businesses and jaw dropping machinery created for large enterprises, to powder coating colors and chemistries for every application.
To get your pass simply email flevin@ifscoatings.com with "Free Polychem Fabtech entry" and we'll get one to you.

Of course Polychem and IFS will be exhibiting at the show, so drop by the booth, spray some powders, check out the thousands of colors we'll have on display and chat to our friendly and knowledgeable team
Meet the team

The Polychem team takes great pride in their work and genuinely love working with all our great
customers. But who are they? Meet the Polychem team, located in Gainesville Texas!
The man that makes it all happen, and is in charge of Polychem
production, is Rodney Gardner. Rodney has been with Polychem for over 17 years and has been with it every step of the way from its days in California to the professional, quality service brand it is today. "I love Polychem," comments Rodney "I moved from California to Texas to continue working with Polychem and I've worked hard making powder and developing quality products for Polychem for so much of my career. I've really grown with the brand."
Rodney, who looks after more than 125 color matches a month, continues "I'm so lucky to be working with the whole Polychem team. Everyone really is dedicated to providing world class service and products and I think our 5-7 day turnaround on all color matches and flexible batch sizes underlines that. In our production department we get to be creative making beautiful colors for our customers every single day."
What you may not have known about Rodney is that he's married to Kimberly and they have two great kids, Nolan, 12 and Cora, 8. When he's not writing up color formulations and ensuring Polychem production runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible he loves spending time with his family and even manages to fit in some guitar playing and reading.
For expert color matching and color effect creation from Rodney, call 940.612.0401
Some Enchanted Evening
This time of year always makes us smile with its cooler days, warm enchanted evenings and the hint of fall magic in the air. Soft, enchanted colors with a delicate sparkle are the perfect powders to really showcase your color capability. Check out the Polychem Enchanted Collection and order your panels and powder today.
Contact Kgarret @ifscoatings.com, for more information or sample panels.
Newly refurbished Arthur Ashe Stadium serves up and ace
September welcomed the fourth and final Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year, and what a
tournament it was. Not only were Novak Djokovitch and Serena Williams out to prove themselves after their Olympic struggles in Rio (though neither were able to win the US Open Title this year), but IFS and CornellCookson could sit back and admire their handy work on the newly refurbished Arthur Ashe Stadium with its new retractable roof.
The largest tennis specific stadium in the world had a facelift and CornellCookson, who played an impressive part in the refurb and use IFS Architectural Powders on their products, most certainly delivered a grand slam performance.
59 coiling steel doors that provide security, outstanding performance, durability and longevity were installed in the stadium. The installation included thirty eight 30' service doors that surround the upper level of the stadium and allow airflow through in the summer months. Carefully designed to withstand specific windload requirements and with custom aluminum guides to help reduce the weight of the structure, these impressive doors also had to look good.
IFS Architectural powder coatings were chosen to coat the project, offering not only protection and great aesthetics, but the durability and longevity that is so important.
"Using IFS powder is the obvious choice" commented Kay Devlin, Director of Marketing Communications CornellCookson." High performance po wder coating provides protection against the elements and due to the wide variety of RAL colors we offer, also means the customer can either blend or feature the door in the design of their building."
IFS powder coatings are available in a vast range of colors, from architectural classics such as silver sparkle, platinum, pewter, bone white and black to the full RAL range and anodized effect shades. As well as high performance features such as weatherability, corrosion protection and chemical resistance, choosing powder coating builds another layer of sustainability into a project.
A bright, reflective chrome look in a powder coating is available through Polychem!
Call today to order and request chrome-look chips. 940.612.0401
Trouble Shooting Gallery
Having problems on your line? The Polychem technical team is always willing to help. Here's their approach to an issue that sometimes crops up.
Q. The gloss is deviating from the required levels...help?
A. If the gloss is too high, it could be because the powder is under-cured. Increase the oven temperature and/or time and make sure that the object itself reaches the correct cure temperature for the correct time, not just the air.
If the gloss is too low, a possible cause may be contamination. Make sure the gun, hopper and spray booth is completely cleaned and that the powder was stored correctly .Alternatively it may be that the part is over cured, in which case decrease the oven temperature and/or time and make sure that the object itself reaches the correct cure temperature for the correct amount of time.
IFS Coatings | Grace Matherly | T: 940.612.4596 | Gmatherly @ifscoatings.com | www.ifscoatings.com