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Harry Fetterman, Ph.D.

General Manager of Training: Conger-Elsea, Inc.

Harry currently serves as the General Manager of Training with Conger-Elsea, Inc.  He possesses a rare combination of industry experiences, academic credentials, and training expertise.  He is a highly respected industry trainer and educator, with over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry, four of which include his concurrent affiliation with Thomas Edison State University in New Jersey.  Harry has managed the sophisticated organization that is required to maintain training and qualifications for a commercial nuclear power plant.  He has led high profile Root Cause Analyses involving Safety Culture, Technical Issues, Regulatory Issues and Inspections, and Training Program Deficiencies.

In 1996, Harry earned his PhD in Workforce Education and Development from Penn State University.  Harry is a professional trainer and training manager of diverse topics in the classroom and online settings.  In the areas of Root Cause Analysis and Human Error Prevention, Harry’s background enables him to provide value-added classes in these topics for any industry.

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June 13th from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

On Monday, Dr. Fetterman will be teaching an all day pre-conference workshop.  

The time has come for many of our trained and certified Root Cause Analysts to “refresh” their knowledge and abilities to perform Root Cause Analyses (RCAs).  Most of our population, who have been engaged with performing RCAs, have likely been able to maintain their skills since their initial training / certification.  However, those who were once trained and certified, but have not practiced the necessary skills or refreshed their knowledge, are due for a refresher class.  The simple training mantra for this phenomenon, “use it or lose it”, is accurately applied to many in our Root Cause Analyst population. This one-day class is designed to fill the need for specified RCA techniques

As we all recognize, a one-day class is not a substitute for initial training on RCA Fundamentals.  Initial training on the techniques and requirements to perform a Root Cause Analysis requires much more than eight hours.  Generally, four to five days are necessary, depending upon the number of RCA techniques you want to have in your tool kit. In this 8-hour workshop we will discuss the RCA refresher training needs, and the instructional design of the content and delivery options to optimize the retained knowledge and talents our organizations already have.  This one-day class is designed as a sampling of the techniques and methodology Conger-Elsea recommends for RCA Refresher Training.  A true refresher class requires three days of training and includes recertification of the Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT) technique.

This is a great opportunity to experience Conger-Elsea's Root Cause Analysis Refresher.