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Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher is the President and owner of Fisher Improvement Technologies. Rob spent almost ten years in the US Navy before working at the South Texas Nuclear Project for twelve years. During this time Rob worked in Operations, Radiation Protection, Chemistry, Environmental, and ultimately owned the Human Performance Improvement initiative and the Procedure Program through a difficult plant recovery time. Rob has been consulting since leaving commercial nuclear power operations in 1996.

Rob has extensive experience in performing investigations, designing performance improvement systems, designing and improving corrective action programs, assessing, designing and running procedure programs, and educating staff. As a previous field and management owner of these areas, he brings an implementation mentality to consulting. He was involved in developing the nuclear industry standards for both human performance and procedures. He has successfully consulted for nearly one hundred companies in various fields including manufacturing, petrochemical, power generation (nuclear and non-nuclear), power transmission and distribution, and numerous Department of Energy sites.

Rob will be teaching a half day class on Monday June 13 from 8:00AM to 12:00PM

How Personal Tendencies Affect Performance

In this 4-hour workshop attendees will learn how personality tendencies affect performance. Areas of learning include:

1. Understand Advanced Error Reduction and personality tendencies
2. Guiding Principles
3. Science Descriptions & Definitions
4. Performance Modes, Traps, Triggers and Tools
5. Essential Leadership Cycle and Leader Tools
6. Deviation Analysis - how to analyze why people deviate from processes
7. Advanced HP Ethics
8. Typical integration path

Rob will be giving 2 other talks throughout the week: 

General Session: Wednesday June 15th 8:10-9:00 am 

Essential Leadership Cycle 

Rob Fisher will talk about the use of the Essential Leadership Cycle to drive Human Performance. In this General Session presentation attendees will:

1. Understand the driver for leader behaviors
2. Understand the Essential Leadership Cycle
3. Understand how we can use the cycle to improve performance

Join Rob Fisher along with HPRCT's Vice President Mary Webb

Breakout Session: Wednesday June 15th 2:05-2:55 pm

Trending Human Performance Event Data Case Study

This case study will be co-presented by Rob Fisher, Fisher Improvement Technologies and Mary Webb, DTE Energy.  

The case study is based on human performance event data collected over a couple of years. Includes the approach to collecting, analyzing, and trending.  We will share the journey, the coaching and learnings along the way and the approach to continuing to grow and mature in the area of trending.
  Mary Webb

Mary Webb has worked in the electric power industry for 34 years.  She is a Manager in the Center of Learning at DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE), a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. She is responsible for the Fossil Generation Human Performance Process   implementation and integration.  She also serves as the Lead of the Enterprise Human Performance Strategy Team and DTE Energy Human Performance Champions Committee.  Responsibilities in those roles include writing human performance standards, integration strategies, tracking of events, trending and common cause analysis, and training.   

Mary joined Detroit Edison as a nuclear security officer at the Fermi nuclear power plant in 1982. Detroit Edison, known now as DTE Energy Electric, is a subsidiary of DTE Energy an electric utility serving 2.1 million customers in Southeastern Michigan. She spent 22 years working in various positions at the Monroe Power Plant, in Monroe, Michigan in the Fuel Supply area. Mary’s roles included Fuel Supply Equipment Operator, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance General Foreman, and Supervisor Plant Operations. She promoted to the position of Production Manager in 2007 at the Trenton Channel Power Plant.  During her 5 years at Trenton, Mary also held the position of Maintenance and Process Improvement Manager.  She managed the maintenance and operations departments, and led a team of continuous improvement and training leads from maintenance, operations, and fuel supply. Mary has 22 years of supervisory/manager level experience with continuous improvement, human performance, project management, building trades & labor agreements, labor & trades jurisdictional issues, contract administration, negotiation, dispute resolution, safety, and fossil power plant outages.  

Mary currently serves a Vice-President of HPRCT.

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