Special Announcement
April 2015
Friends of AceTech Program Announced!

We are very excited to announce a new program that will add significant value to our members called The Friends of AceTech Ontario Program.  The Friends of AceTech are very senior and experienced professionals in the Technology Ecosystem that can provide insights, advice, networking assistance and mentoring to our members.  They will attend our Quarterly Dinners to mix with our members and will also attend up to two roundtables each per year to speak to our members on their areas of expertise.


Please take a look below at our exciting line up of extraordinary supporters and let your roundtable leader know right away if you would like to book one of these people into an upcoming meeting!  They will be an excellent resource to our members and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.


In This Issue
Andy Aicklen
Principal, Aicklen & Associates

Areas of Expertise

Andy has always had a passion for learning all there is about sales excellence and sales leadership. Both of these disciplines have evolved  a great deal over his 33 years of selling and he is always challenging himself and his clients to consider new winning formulas in how to motivate sales executives and their customers during the Enterprise Sales process.


Andy Aicklen is Principal of Aicklen & Associates and is a technology executive and entrepreneur . Having previously held senior sales leadership roles  at Oracle, PeopleSoft and HP Software, Andy has a proven track record of growing revenue and profit by improving operational efficiencies and inspiring individuals to seek and accomplish aggressive personal and corporate goals.

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Kim Benedict
CEO TalentMinded

Areas of Expertise
Recruitment should be strategic.  Kim helps companies scale their business by thinking more strategically about how they acquire the right talent.  At TalentMinded they advise, implement and manage accelerated talent acquisition strategies that are cost effective and drive better results. 

Kim Benedict is a senior executive and operator with an extensive track record of designing and developing recruitment strategies and managing organizational change resulting in growth and increased profitability.  Kim has worked exclusively in the field of talent acquisition specializing in working with companies to leverage analytics and insights, technology and tools to drive better recruiting results.

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Bruce Bishop

Areas of Expertise

Bruce Bishop is an Accounting "Fixer", having encountered 4 Start-up accounting disasters and using his unique blend of forensic accounting and experience to bring these companies through their first audit and onto the right path to transparency. On the Finance side, he has helped 5 different startups raise money and hold sold 2 of them for US$193 million. Most start-ups wait too long to hire the right Finance talent.


Bruce brings over 36 years experience in finance, accounting and back office systems implementation. A Senior Finance Executive with extensive financial, management, and transaction experience -- negotiating over 12 financing transactions valued at over $80M.


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(416) 670-6621


Ron Duke
CFO, Arlene Dickinson Group of Companies


Areas of Expertise

Ron Duke  is CFO for the Arlene Dickinson Group of Companies. Prior to joining, Ron performed transaction and due diligence support for Dragons' Den investors, Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon, and ran a mentoring and advisory practice servicing a number of entrepreneurial clients. Ron was previously CFO/COO and Interim CEO of Lavalife, and has over 30 years of global operating, financial management, and turnaround experience in entrepreneurially-driven public and private companies in eCommerce, social networking, retailing, franchising, manufacturing, distribution, and financial services.


Ron is bottom-line focused, with a proven track record of creating shareholder value, building a scalable platform for profitable growth, integrating businesses, achieving operating efficiencies, and steering IT development. Ron has a depth of experience in capital markets and M&A.


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Cell: 416-436-3443 

Karen Grant
Executive Director, Angel One Investor Network

Areas of Expertise

Karen Grant has launched three angel groups: Toronto Angel Group in 2001, Northern Ontario Angels in 2005 and Angel One Investor Network in 2011.  She is an entrepreneur, company director, consultant, and mentor. She has founded companies, launched investment funds and has worked in the commercialization field.  Earlier in her career she led and grew the Toronto Venture Group, a not-for-profit organization with the mandate to "bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and capital" working with hundreds of companies that were seeking capital.  Karen's corporate experience includes 12 years with IBM Canada where she had roles in sales, marketing and communications.



Contact Information


(905) 308-4969

Susan Hutt
Principal, Susan Hutt & Associates

Areas of Expertise

Is your Services organization inhibiting the growth of your company?  Has sales gotten ahead of services? Are your once happy customers, not so happy any more?  Susan specializes in maturing and developing Services Divisions in software companies to keep up with the growth of the company and to meet the needs of the ever growing and changing customer base.  


Susan Hutt is Principal of Susan Hutt & Associates and has 30 years of experience with technology firms.  Susan has a proven track record of growing, maturing and optimizing service delivery and revenues at some of North America's most successful software companies.  Susan has worked with both small companies in their high growth stage and large gobal companies. Susan is a change agent and specializes in growing and developing services divisions in software companies to meet the demands of their customers. 


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416 346-4223


Pete Smith
Managing Partner, The Meaford Group  


Areas of Expertise

Throughout this 36 year tech career, Pete Smith has developed a broad skill set rarely found in one individual. He has led both sales and professional services organizations and is equally comfortable straddling the line between these two groups who often find themselves challenged to work together. He is also equally comfortable in dealing with the complexities of large multinational enterprise companies or  ambiguities  and nimbleness of small start-ups.  As a Corporate Director and CEO coach, Pete assists his clients in developing vision and strategy as well as the discipline to execute.


Pete is a seasoned senior executive with 36 years of global experience at PeopleSoft, IBM and Information Resources in a variety of operational and executive positions. For the past 9 years, Peter has owned his own consulting firm, The Meaford Group.


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Shirley Speakman
Partner, Cycle Capital

Areas of Expertise

Ever wonder how to catch the attention of a VCWhat goes through the head of a VC as they are evaluating an investment? Or better yet how to work with them after their investment?  As a veteran Canadian VC investor Shirley can shed some like on what drives a VC and how to get the most of your VC. 

Shirley Speakman is a Partner at Cycle Capital, and was the Director of Investments for the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) a $40M+ venture capital fund established by the Ontario government to invest in seed and early stage technology oriented companies based in Ontario.

Contact Information
(647) 925-2088

Tom Turchet
Corporate Advisor, Executive in Residence

Areas of Expertise

Spending time with Tom will help you learn how to start, manage and run a world class sales organization that is focused on delivering value to the customer.  Tom has run a $1 billion business for IBM encompassing all operations of an entity.  Tom can bring discipline and rigour to young businesses who are starting to grow exponentially.

Tom Turchet is currently consulting technology companies on Business Strategy, Sales Execution and Routes to Market Structure. His 35 year knowledge of the technology marketplace in North America includes working knowledge of the hardware, software and services environment. Tom also is the Executive-in-Residence at The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) and The Innovation Factory in Hamilton.   

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David Wilson
Partner, Terralegal PC

Areas of Expertise

David Wilson is a Partner at Terralegal and an experienced legal, business advisor and Board member providing guidance to senior managers and Boards on a full range of commercial matters and on matters of governance. With over 30 years of experience in commercial and employment matters, M&A, corporate governance, investigations and general business, David has worked both with small companies in growth stage, through liquidity events and has worked with multinational corporations globally. David's sweet spot is in assisting companies to think strategically and to navigate through the challenges associated with growth.  

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