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Principals & Specialist Announced
Message from Duluth Catholic School Board Chair
On behalf of our new organization, I am pleased to announce the following members of our current Catholic schools have accepted positions with Duluth Catholic School for the 2017-2018 school year. Each of them is excited to continue to serve our community, and all are engaged and energized to make this key transition to guide our school this fall.  The principals and learning specialist will be part of the leadership team guided by the School President.
We look forward to sharing continued development and progress with you in the coming weeks. Continue to keep our work in your prayers.

Bob Lisi 
Chair, Duluth Catholic School Board
Peggy Frederickson, Principal 
Duluth Catholic School
Holy Rosary Campus

Mrs. Frederickson earned her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood from St. Cloud State University.  She has also completed her Master's Degree in Education and Curriculum from the College of St. Scholastica, Duluth.  She is licensed to teach Preschool through grade 6.  In 1994, she moved to Duluth and started her career teaching at St. Rose School in Proctor.  After teaching for two years she accepted the principal position at St. Rose.  In 2000, she transitioned to St. John's School as the first-grade teacher.  After one year of teaching, she accepted the position of principal at St. John's.  Frederickson's two daughters attended St. John's School and continued on to Holy Rosary for middle school.

"I gladly accept the position of principal at the Holy Rosary Campus and I am excited to see the transformation, as we truly become one school.  I am glad to be part of this great challenge and look forward to continuing to provide quality Catholic education to all those who desire it.  There is no better place to educate children than a Catholic school and I look forward to getting to know your children."
Julianne Blazevic, Principal Duluth Catholic School
St. James Campus

Mrs. Blazevic completed her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education at the College of St. Scholastica, Duluth in 1998. While teaching, she completed her Master's Degree in Education at the College of St. Catherine, St. Paul in 2003. Blazevic taught for 15 years at St. Michael's Lakeside School in Duluth until 2013.  She has served as principal of St. James Catholic School since 2013.  While working in the Catholic schools, she has devoted her time and talents to care and to serve the many families of the schools.   Blazevic's two children currently attend Catholic Schools in Duluth.

"I look forward to continuing my position at the St. James Campus because I believe quality faith-filled Catholic education is important and we need to continue to strive for high standards.  I am committed to sharing my time and talents with the newly created school with multiple campuses in Duluth to ensure quality Catholic education is accessible to all children now and into the future." 
Jesse Murray, Principal 
Duluth Catholic School 
St. John's Campus

Mr. Murray completed his Bachelor's Degree in Biological Research from St. Mary's University in Winona, Minnesota in 1998.  He taught at Cathedral High School in Los Angeles and assisted in the start-up of a Catholic middle school in Browning, Montana.  He completed middle and high school teaching licenses, with an emphasis in biological sciences, then earned his Masters of Arts in Instruction from St. Mary's University.  He returned to California to teach at St. Francis High School with the Brothers of the Holy Cross before being hired as the first lay principal of Holy Rosary School in 2006. Murray's three children attend Holy Rosary, where his wife teaches as well.

"I am excited to work with the 5-8th grade teachers from all of our schools to develop and provide the best middle school programming to our students and families.  I look forward to a new site with more space and a facility that can be geared more specifically to the middle school level.  I hear the teachers, students and families' desire to stay connected to all of our students at all levels.  Our new leadership team shares that desire."
Angela Mejdrich, Learning Specialist Duluth Catholic School

Mrs. Mejdrich has two baccalaureate degrees: one in political science from the College of St. Benedict and one in child studies from Charter Oak State College.  She has her Master's Degree in Education, focusing on special education, from Augsburg College, and wrote her thesis on the inclusion of students with disabilities in Catholic schools in the Pacific Northwest. Based upon the data she gathered from her research, she wrote a white paper suggesting changes to policies and procedures that she presented to the Diversified Learners Committee of the Archdiocese of Seattle.  She has been in education for 19 years and has worked with students with a variety of needs.  Mejdrich is currently the Vice Principal at St. Michael's Lakeside School.
"I am excited about my new role and the opportunity to put my research into practice.  I look forward to supporting students across all grade-levels.  Inclusive education in Catholic schools is my passion, and I eagerly anticipate the possibilities that this new role brings to our Duluth Catholic School."
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