Free Planner - Merry Christmas to All of Us

Dear Friend of TOS,

This year at Christmastime, we'd like to ask you to make a consideration. TOS Magazine has been blessed with over 22,000 paid subscribers. Our hope is that by January 2, we will make our goal of having a minimum of 25,000 subscribers. Believe it or not, it helps us to keep our costs down to you when our advertisers are so willing to come on board with us, but they only do so because we HAVE paid subscribers.

Numbers are big with them, and we understand why. With the economy the way it is, everyone is having to make smart buying decisions. You as a homeschool family are also carefully considering your purchasing decisions; money is tight. For us here at TOS Magazine, 25,000+ is that "golden number" that we are really striving to achieve by the year's end.

So we're asking that you help us by spreading the word - we are willing to provide a one year subscription (normally $25) for $7.95 to anyone in the US or Canada, until January 2nd. Is that a smart buying decision? $7.95 for a full year of the homeschool magazine that brings encouragement and help all year long - if we have helped you in any way, will you help us? Please consider buying several subscriptions for friends, families, your library or doctor's office at the super low price of $7.95. And thank you; it truly will be a Christmas gift we won't forget if we can make that goal.

0h - and before we forget - any $7.95 purchase will result in a GIFT for you - choose any digital TOS Planner
- FREE. Each of your kids should have one of these, and you should have the massive parent one; they are incredible. The writers at TOS have done an amazing job on these planners and we want you to see them. So take one at no charge when you buy a one-year subscription for $7.95. For each subscription you buy (whether for yourself or friends), take a student planner or the big one, since we're at almost mid-year on these. We would love to see you end up with the whole line of TOS Planners - all FREE!

God bless you,

Paul and Gena Suarez
Your Publishers
The Old Schoolhouse� Magazine