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Couples & Low Moods
Couples & Accepting Separate Realities

What follows are examples of what I call Couples' Principles that i teach on retreat and in phone sessions: 

Low Mood Stop/Heart-to-Heart Go!

Many couples will make the innocent mistake to talk with each each when when one or both of them are in a low mood -- when you are basically out of your mind! My recommendation is to WAIT!  Next thing out of your mouth should be: "Sweetie, I love you, I will see you in half hour." Then in a little while you will discover your thinking changes and "helpful thinking" flows up! Understanding and compassion and patience flows up!  All couples know what I am talking about. You suddenly have a whole another reality about what you were fighting about. Then you come back and talk and you will find that all those high communication skills come to you naturally -- no one had to teach you. Patience, Acceptance, Flexibility, Kindness, etc...are all part of your default setting. When you create that space with another it gives your wisdom to reset.  More resetting! 

Acceptance of Separate Realities

My encouragement is to let go of the "movie" that as a couple you should see the world, events and moments in your life the same way!  And when they don't many couples fear it might mean they shouldn't be together. So they try and convince their partner that the way they are seeing it, is right because they desperately want to match the movie!  Bottom line: we all have different thinking and so we will see things differently. It's our own thinking that creates your perception and reality. When you know this, it releases you from taking everything so personally.

You Are 100% Responsible For How You Experience Your Partner!

Most folks have an understanding that our thoughts create our reality.  So you want to take that principle into the world of relationships. Which means you will always experience your partner through your thinking.  Example: YOUR PARTNER IS NOT PISSING YOU OFF! You are having thoughts about their 
behavior that create your feeling of anger. When couples get this, its enormous ! Suddenly, all the blame is taken out of relationship.   

Gregory Drambour (H.J.M.K)
Magic Kingdom Sector, AZ  February 2017
Retreat Moment!

Client: I just keep walking around going, "I don't understand?"
Me: Let me ask you a question: Is doing that, contributing to your
Client: Probably not!
Me: You got it! Can we all make a decision - me included - to stop voicing thoughts that don't contribute to our well-being! 

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Client  Testimonial

Retreat & Phone Program Client  - February 1, 2017

I had the great privilege of traveling to Sedona to meet with Greg Drambour in his home office. That is a day I'll never forget. I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.Greg is a kind soul, highly intelligent and an extremely gifted healer who's already helped me so much. He's intuitive yet very down to Earth and easy to talk with. I'm confident that working with Greg long term is going to be life changing and 2017 will finally be the year I bust through the blocks that have been holding me back for years. Thank you, Greg. I'm so excited to see what the future holds. Aho!  -- Jess B. 

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