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Captain Four Color! Dear Flying Colors Faithful---
We are thrilled to debut the new graphic novel from the award-winning artist/writer GENE YANG (American Born Chinese, Eternal Smile) and up-and-coming artist THIEN PHAM. Be here this Saturday June 4 from 1:30-4PM. 

The story centers on the conflicted character Dennis Ouyang who lives in the shadow of his parents' high expectations. They want him to become a doctor---  all he wants to do is play video games. To get ahead in life, you gotta LEVEL UP!

About the event at Flying Colors:
is a graphic novel recommended for all readers. Flying Colors' event will feature an EXCLUSIVE limited edition bookplate that will be signed at the event by Gene Yang and Thien Pham.
Our event will also feature the EPIC DRAW-OFF between Gene and Thien. What is an EPIC DRAW OFF? It's a LIVE ART DEMONSTRATION with large easels that will happen right here in Flying Colors!

Here's how Gene explains it:  

"While I talk a bit about how I got started in comics, Thien will illustrate my story as I speak.  Then, he will talk about how he got started, and I'll illustrate Thien's story.  After, it'll be a competition using suggestions from the audience."

* We'll also feature a Q&A session, so if you have questions about writing and drawing comics  or about any of Gene's previous comic works, this will be your time!

* There will be some seating available for those watching the EPIC DRAW OFF.  

Schedule for June 4th event:

1:30 Introduction of Gene Yang and Thien Pham, book signing

2PM EPIC DRAW-OFF Live Art demonstration

3PM Q&A, book signing, followed by pizza and refreshments!  


To entice you a bit more, we've included a special coupon below that is valid on Saturday June 4th from 1:30PM-5PM only! This is our way of thanking you for supporting this event.  


To help us in making sure we have enough refreshments on hand, please respond to our invitation on our Facebook Fan Page  at this link. You can also respond by pre-ordering LEVEL UP ($15.99 softcover, $19.99 hardcover) by email at or in person in-store between now and Saturday. 


See you Flying Colors!  



Joe "FlyCoJoe" Field 

Comics Guru  

 panel art from Level Up



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Offer Valid Saturday June 4 from 1:30-5PM ONLY!!