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Bulletin Newsletter and Final Days on Specials
We wanted to let you know about a couple things we have going on and to tell you about a new way to get the latest info on our specials.  If you wish, you can be notified immediately about great deals on all our products and any late breaking information we might have.

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PDF Giveaway!

Announcing our first PDF giveaway! Until Thursday at Midnight Feb. 3, anyone that signs up to follow @trolllordgames on Twitter will receive a free PDF copy of the Crusader Journal 24, over 40 pages of information, articles, great artwork and much more. It's the same as the print copy only you get it instantly! This special will last one week only.  Once you are following us, we will send you instructions on how to receive the PDF.   Please note that we will send those instructions to you via DM (or messages) on your Twitter feed.
Already following us on Twitter? You can also get your free Crusader.  To qualify, simply copy and Tweet out the following message:

Free PDF at Troll Lord Games! For more details visit #tlgpromo #trolllordgames.

You must put in the hashtags #tlgpromo and #trolllordgames to get the PDF.

So if you aren't following us on Twitter, now is a great time to start and you will get a free magazine out of it.  And if you are already following us, help us out by spreading the word and get a great benefit, too.  Thanks!

Specials Newsletter Bulletin
If it seems like every week something new is going on sale or there is a big announcement about a book release or a huge slashing of prices on a book, then you are right.  Sometimes we will run a special on the first 50 orders of a book, or a special that only lasts a day or so or offer special only coupons. We try to give everyone the latest information and wanted to give you a way to find that information without having to search for it.  We don't want to bombard you with emails if you don't want them so this is separate from the Troll's Tusk. Now you can sign up for a "Specials Troll Lord Games Bulletin" that will allow to to get this info as soon as it is released.  To activate this bulletin, all you need to do is go here and put in your email address.  It will then ask you to confirm the types of newsletter you receive from us.  Check the Specials Box and click submit. That's all it takes!

We also have just a few days more of our Hardback promo of Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde and Gods & Monsters at 40% off and over 30% off on all items in PDF. Those end Thursday at Midnight as well. So get your savings today and sign up for our specials bulletin to get the latest on our next big sale.


Stephen Chenault
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