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Message from the Chair - Tessique Houston

Hello Handbell Musicians!  
As we get ready to really get into the swing of the holiday season, I hope that you are all well.  And ready for what is to come!

This special The Twelfth Tone is focused on membership. I know many of you reading are already members of the Handbell Musicians of America (the Guild), but some of you are not. We do extend this e-newsletter to any who want to receive it, regardless of membership status. This is something we do so we can insure we are reaching as many as possible with the wonderful news about concerts and workshops. This is in keeping with our mission "to educate, motivate and nurture fellowship, joy and excellence in handbell and handchime music."  and it says nothing about only doing this only for members.  Click here to read our entire mission statement.

But being a member brings you so much more. Membership is needed to attend larger area events (like the Area 12 Bi-annual Conference, National Seminar, Distinctly Bronze, etc.), and you get a discount on registration at smaller events (Spring Rings, Reading Sessions, etc.). There are great resources available to those that have membership in The Handbell Musicians of America, both on our area and national websites.  

Speaking of the national website - it has a whole new look! Check out the new design. And while you're there, click on the Members Only link on the top right - even if you're not a member! Through the end of the year, this section will be OPEN TO ALL!  Explore all the wonderful things you could access all the time with your Guild membership. And continue to read this 12th Tone to hear from our Membership Chair, Sandi Walker-Tansley, with more information on the benefits of membership.

I leave you with this - why am I, Tessique Houston, a member of the Guild? I am a member because I love this musical art form. Handbells and handchimes are so unique. What we do is beyond what other musicians do - it's true teamwork. And the beauty that can be shared with others when we play - in worship, in concerts, in workshops - is almost beyond words. I find such joy in being with others when we do that. And, while I love getting my Overtones, I like being able to participate in the Member Chats and access the Resource Library when I just need some good ideas, those are not the main reasons I am a member. I am a member because I want to support this art form that I love. I cannot get all those things if I don't also give. It's a two-way street - as love should be. It's a give and take, and I know my support not only helps me, but it also helps others who love handbells and handchimes. I am a member so this love can grow, spread to others, and - although it's kind of selfish - continue to bring me joy.

Tessique Houston
Membership Matters - Sandi Walker-Tansley

Hello fellow handbell ringers!

I am Sandi Walker-Tansley, your Area 12 Membership Director. I have been ringing handbells since 1983 and have been a director since 1995. The Handbell Musicians of America, and particularly Area 12, have been a huge help to me as a director, connecting me with training and mentors when I was just beginning.

Membership in Handbell Musicians of America offers many benefits to individual ringers as well as directors. Some of these benefits include:
  • Mentorship from a regional coordinator
  • Local Workshops and Spring Rings
  • Online Resources
  • Scholarships, Awards and Contests
  • Newsletters, Publications and Websites
  • Local Conferences and Festivals
  • National Seminars and Events
At the national level, one of the benefits available to us is access to the extenxive resources on handbellmusicians.org . While the website is getting an update, the members-only area is open to the public to check out. Please feel free to go take a look at all the resources available to the membership. Consider joining, whether as a group, or as an individual. Print an enrollment form by clicking here  or you can join on the site while you are there!

If you are currently a member, encouraging a new member is a great way to give back! The Guild even offers a special gift to you for extending the invitation of membership to others. Check out the  Membership Referral Program . If your referral uses the print and mail form, please have them note your name on the form!

As Tess said, membership in the Handbell Musicians of America offers benefits for every member, but memership is also a way to give back to the larger handbell community. We all grow stronger by working together, with our time, our talents, and our financial support. 

Please consider joining today!

Let me know how I can be of service to you regarding membership (or the meaning of life, if your ponderings lead you that direction!)