Ohio Family and Consumer Sciences
March 31, 2015

Registration Deadline moved to April 7th


Registration Directions: When Registering DO NOT ADD students names. We do not need names only number of non-competitors attending.  This can be done by adding non-competitors to your registration by clicking items next to the Adviser name.  If a competitors name is missing please send an email to ohiofccla@education.ohio.gov.  We have gone through and put in whatever regional coordinators had submitted to us.

Registration Corrections: All registration corrections that we have received will be made by Wednesday.  Please check your registration at that point and make sure everything is correct before submitting by April 7th.  Your registration will not be complete until you click finish registering

Power of One, State Degree and Outstanding Chapter participants will be recognized on stage.  We do not need their names, please just add them to the total amount of state conference registrations.  If the students automatically appear you may just leave them and then you do not need to add them as a non-competitor.

All students are welcome: Students do not have to be an affiliated members to attend conference.  The Conference is an opportunity to get students exposed to FCCLA and what it can offer to them at the state and competition levels.

**Important State Conference Info**

Non Competitors: Students who are not participating in Career Development Events will not be able to sit in Rhodes the building.  Students that are not participating should be attending events step up in Lausche which includes workshops, simulators and career expo.  At 1-3 there will be a Mock Crash held for students to observe.

Dress Code: Red, Black or White Polo and Black or Khaki pants.  Reminder of Mary's challenge is to have a sea of red at conference.

Event Board: Event boards that are in celeste will need to be left up until Friday at 11:00 A.M. to allow other FCCLA state conference participants to view your member's great projects.

Voting Delegates: This year people who are competing can be a voting delegate. There will be a list of number of voting delegates for each chapter. This will be posted on the website prior to conference.

State and National Programs: If you submitted an application for state and national programs, you will be recognized on stage.  Each school will get to send one representative to receive their award on state. Winners will be announced at state conference.  You will not find out before that day.

Schedule: There is a schedule posted on our website for state conference. Check it out!!

State Qualifiers:  A list of all state qualifiers and gold medal winners that will be moving on to state are posted on website. Check it out to make sure that all your students get to compete that earned it.  If your student is not on the online list and is not on DLG please let us know so we can make the change.

Judges: If you have anyone who would like to judge please send their into to Ohiofccla@education.ohio.gov and title it "Judges" By April 3rd

Student Assistance Helpers: If you have any students that are interested in being a conference assistance please submit their info by April 3rd to Ohiofccla@education.ohio.gov and title it "Student assistance".  Students will be scheduled to work in 2 hour shifts to allow them time to enjoy conference.  We will be sending out a list of duties and times April 17th.

List of on stage recognition: If you are not sure if you will be recognized on stage at conference, check the state conference tab on the website after April 10th.  All Power of one, State Degree, Outstanding chapter, Presidential Service award and State and National Programs will be listed.

Conference food venders: Food prices and options will be posted under state conference tab on our website next week.


FCCLA State Leadership T-Shirt Order Form

All State Conference T-shirt orders need to be in to alumni April 1st! Please email alumni your order to papafoutz@hotmail.com 


All orders will be handled by Ohio FCCLA Alumni & Associates. This is your INVOICE. Please send (or bring to State Leadership Conference) and make check payable to:
Ohio FCCLA A&A                                      ORDERS DUE BY April 1st, 2015
Phil Foutz, Treasurer                               Email: papafoutz@hotmail.com
3195 Oxford Millville Rd.                        Cell: 513-407-5128 for questions
Oxford, OH 45056
Chapter/School Name_______________________Adviser_____________________
School Address____________________________Adviser email_________________
Adviser Phone_______________________(in case of questions on the order)
Please mark total sizes needed per chapter.
_____________  Small     x     $10.00             _____________    2X-Large x $15.00
 _____________ Medium x   $10.00             _____________     3X-Large x   $15.00
______________Large     x   $10.00              _____________     4X-Large   x $15.00
______________X-Large x   $10.00               _____________    TOTAL SHIRTS
                                                                            $_____________   TOTAL DUE
No extra shirts will be available at the State Leadership Conference.  Pre-sale orders only.  T-shirts should be considered souvenir attire only, not a part of official dress for the conference.
Order Deadline: April 1st
Shirts will be available for pick up in the Lausche-Youth Discovery Building where the Career Expo takes place at the A&A Sales Booth.

Meals of Hope

Sign your chapter up for Meals of Hope.  Collection of donation ends CLOSES APRIL 13TH   It is quick and easy to collect donations, it is all online!! Help us raise the money to pack 70,000 Meals for our 70th birthday Kick off.  Click the link below to join our mission!! 


Chapters who raise $250 for meals of hope will be recognized on stage.  Schools that raise the most money will be announced and recognized at school.  Schools that raise $250 or more will be able to bring a specified number of students to come help pack meals.  Meals of hope fundraising will close April 13 and invitations to pack meal will be sent out on April 15th.  This activity is by invitation only.  If you do not have a fundraiser for this event you will not be able to participate

**Career Development Event Schedule Info**

Times and Locations of Career Development Events will be posted on website on April 14th.

**** Culinary Info****


Wednesday April 22nd:   Pastry Arts Cake, Pastry Arts Tray, Garde Manger, Applied Math for Culinary Arts, Dining Room Attendant.

Thursday: Culinary Team only

Culinary Team Menu Change- Duck has been replaced with chicken breast

Did you know?

All Past FCCLA newsletters are archived on the Ohio FCCLA website for you under adviser tab!

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