Late Summer Beef Share
Stone Gardens Farm is offering a late summer beef share, in a full or half share size, perfect timing to stock up for end of the summer grilling!   
About our Beef:

Our  cows are pasture raised and fed. In the summer they also get our extra veggies and sweet corn (and the stalks too) and fed our hay and non-GMO grains in the winter, along with all the mother's milk they need. We also are lucky to have 2 breweries close by and we feed them brewers grains too. All of this amazing feed  helps marble the meat for the best final product.  No hormones or antibiotics  are needed raising our animals the natural way!

What's in a Share:

Full Share
average weight 50-55 lbs
Half Share
average weight 25-28 lbs
5 sirloin steaks
3 sirloin steaks
2 porterhouse steaks
2 porterhouse steaks
4 T-bone steaks
2 T-bone steaks
10 rib steaks
6 rib steaks
1 flank steak
1 skirt steak
2 skirt steaks
1 London broil steak
3 shoulder or sirloin tip steaks
1 package of minute steaks
2 London broil steaks
1 package of cubed beef for kabobs
2 packages of minute steaks
1 package short ribs
3 packages of cubed beef for kabobs
3 packages short ribs

Shares are $12 per pound

Contact us now to reserve your share, limited shares