Cyber Monday Sale
A lot has changed since you last trained on Dentrix. The new Dentrix G6 upgrade has added new features and offerings never before available in your practice management software. The best way to master these new tools is to get an upgrade to your skills as well.

Buy 4 hours of Dentrix software skills training focused specifically on the NEW features available in Dentrix G6 for the special price of only $450! (Save $50 off regular Dentrix training rates for 4 hours.)

But you will need to act fast. The offer of 4 hours of upgrade specific Dentrix product training for the reduced price of $450 expires January 31, 2018 and training must be completed within 6-months of purchase date.
First . . . schedule your remote training sessions with Dayna using her online registration tool.
to view Dayna's available open sessions and register for the date and time you want. One session equals 2 hours, so register for 2 sessions to equal a 4 hour training bundle.

Next . . . purchase the training sessions using the online portal. If you scheduled two sessions then you will purchase one bundle at $450. If you scheduled 4 sessions then purchase two bundles.

to fill out the purchase order. Make sure to enter my name, Dayna Johnson, as the Preferred Trainer Name and enter the date of your training session on the calendar. If you selected two different dates just enter the first date you scheduled.

Not quite ready to commit or you need to run it by your doctor? You can download the Training Promotion Flyer to give to your doctor and read all about the details. If you do not see dates that fit your schedule, please contact Dayna directly at