September 2017
This week, I am teaching at my alma mater, Stephens College.  Stephens is a small private women's college in Columbia, Mo with a strong equestrian department.  I rode when I was in college here, which helped me not feel so homesick for my own horses.  
And speaking of homesick for animals, Stephens College is also one of the first schools to have pet friendly dorms.  And, if a young woman didn't bring a pet, no problem, they work with the local shelters and students can foster a pet in their dorm.  

I am here working with the equestrian department, the foster animals as well as the rescue, and the community here in Columbia, MO, teaching them animal communication and EFT (emotional freedom technique) energy healing for animals.  I'm so thrilled.  And truly grateful that this work is being embraced in an academic setting!!

I hope you can join us for the Remember Intensive: Beginning - Advanced Animal Communication October 6-8th 2017, Death and the Art of Crossing Over (Animals in Transition) October 9-12th 2017 and Energy Healing for Animals October 13-15th 2017.  I call it the Remember Intensive because people forget they can naturally communicate with animals, check in with their loved ones on the other side and be part of animal's healing.  I love to help people remember! It can be done as a single workshop, two of them or all three together!

There is still so much work to be done for people and animals that were victims of the hurricane.  Here's a little story about what we did to help in the comfort of our community....and some other ideas for helping!   Read more

For those in the St. Louis area, on September 24th, I will also be teaching Animal Communication at Mystic Valley in Maplewood, MO: More Info 

Also, for those looking ahead to next year and want to meet me in the UK, I am really honored to be part of an amazing line up @ the Animal Energy World Conference, Manchester, UK, May 12th & 13th,  2018. See early-bird pricing

Joan Ranquet
October TRAINING!!  LIVE WORKSHOPS -- 10% OFF Extended!
October's Remember Intensive commences in Santa Clarita, CA with 3 days of Beginning - Advanced Animal Communication Workshop (3-day) followed by Death and the Art of Crossing Over (4-day) and then ending with Energy Healing for Animals (3-day). Can be done together, just two of them or all three together!  
Weekend Workshops - more info 
An unbelievable opportunity for personal growth, intuitive empowerment and an adventure in healing and communicating with domestic animals and wildlife. Remembering our inherent skills of Animal Communication, Death and the Art of Crossing Over and Energy Healing for Animals. Read more.
October 6-8th 2017 -- Beginning - Advanced Animal Communication  
October 9-12th 2017 -- Death and the Art of Crossing Over (Animals in Transition)  
October 13-15th 2017 -- Energy Healing for Animals
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Borneo 2018
Journey into the Soul of Borneo Orangutan Adventure

Join Joan Ranquet, Jackie Navarro of Wild Wonders & Communication With All Life Adventures in Borneo... February 24th -- March 6th, 2018
J&J Borneo Talk
Borneo Intro Video: Borneo Conversation with Wildlife Educator and Conservationist Jackie Navarro of Wild Wonders and Joan Ranquet... featuring a really cute binturong... Watch 5-minute video  
Your Jungle Adventure Begins... Spend the day relaxing or exploring the Sepilok Nature Resort where you will spend two nights surrounded by a veritable treasure trove of tropical plants, huge trees and spectacular orchids in bloom... Read more 
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