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10 March 2017

The Cacarica river basin is again in the midst of conflict and violence
Twenty years ago, the unimaginable happened in the settlement of Bijao, Cacarica (in the Bajo Atrato region, Chocó).  Paramilitaries entered the small village and detained Marino Lopez, they tied him up, tortured him, killed him, cut his head off and played football with it. This assassination formed part of many barbarities committed in the context of  Operation Genesis ; a joint operation conducted by the military and the paramilitaries. Today, the communities are afraid that history will repeat itself and the cycle of violence will return. 

I am Genesis 
Early on Saturday morning, five pangas  with around 80 people left the wharf in Turbo to travel to the Humanitarian Zone of Nueva Esperanza en Dios (New Hope in God), Cacarica. 


Return to freedom
Before nightfall, a small group of men and women gathered in the waffe  (port) of Turbo, to put candles in plastic cups and create improvised lanterns. 

Ana Martínez Moreno Cavida Cacarica

"Today, once again, our territory is invaded by paramilitaries"
Interview with Marco Fidel Velasquez and Ana Martinez Moreno, from the organisation CAVIDA

Renacientes Cacarica

Stop the war now!
The Renacientes (from the Spanish word meaning to come to life again) began as a musical group in Turbo in 1999, when the people of Cacarica, (Bajo Atrato/Chocó) were still suffering the effects of forced displacement caused by violence. 

mujeres Cacarica

The women of Cacarica
They are beautiful women with strong character. They have big smiles that are constantly portrayed across their faces.  Their hair is braided and they dress in bright colours that contrast with the intense black of their skin. 

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