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Volume VII | Issue 16                                                                               
April 17, 2018   
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CMS expands MRI coverage for patients with heart devices 
Fierce Healthcare

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) is making it easier for patients Philips 1.5T MRI with certain implantable devices to get MRI scans. As part of a coverage decision, the federal agency is expanding MRI coverage for patients with an implanted cardiac device, without the need for "evidence development." Medicare coverage for MRI services for such patients started in 2011, but only if the patients were part of a clinical trial, due to safety concerns. 
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Physician Compensation Report 2018  
Leslie Kane, MA | Medscape

The Medscape Physician Compensation Report is the most comprehensive and widely used physician salary
survey in the U.S. Over 470,000 physicians have used this report to access salary information as well as information on hours worked and the challenges they face in their jobs. This year, more than 20,000 physicians in over 29 specialties responded to the Medscape compensation survey.

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Why I Now Treat Hepatitis C Patients 
MD Whistleblower

In a prior post, I shared my heretofore reluctance to prescribe medications to my Hepatitis C (HCV) patients. Whistle   In summary, after consideration of the risks and benefits of the available options, I could not persuade myself - or my patients - to pull the trigger.  These patients were made aware of my conservative philosophy of medical practice. I offered every one of them an opportunity to consult with another specialist who had a different view on the value of HCV treatment.

I do believe that there is a medical industrial complex that is flowing across the country like hot steaming lava.  While I have evolved in many ways professionally over the years, I have remained steadfast that less medical care generally results in better outcomes. 

There was an astonishing development in HCV treatment that caused me to reevaluate my calculus.
Orthopedics: Informed Consent 
Robert Morton, CPHRM, CPPS and Dana Faber, MS, PSL, RN | The Doctors Company

Strive for Open, Patient-Centered Dialogue

Analyses have identified inadequate informed consent communication between the surgeon and the patient or family as a top factor contributing to claims against orthopedists. The informed consent discussion requires an open dialogue to afford the patient an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.

Consider the patient's needs and priorities when discussing healthcare options. Try the following communication techniques to achieve a patient-centered informed consent...