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It's time for our annual Soil Sale! 

Soil is the foundation of our garden. The best flowers, trees, vegetables, and plants can only be found in the best soils. Make sure your gardening foundation is at its best with great soils from Spencer's!

Our best soils are at the lowest prices of the season! Stock up now before time runs out- sale ends April 30th! No coupon necessary!
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We are looking forward to welcoming Don Anderson from FoxFarm soils and fertilizers! Don will be at the Tejon location on Friday, April 26 from 10-11 and the Fountain location from 11:30-12:30. He will answer all of your garden feeding questions. Come check out this awesome all-natural line of fantastic fertilizers! See the coupon below for great savings on these amazing products!
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You can have a successful gardening season this year despite the lack of snowfall and moisture. Water-wise and water smart products can provide you with many options to keep your plants healthy, growing, and gorgeous. Don't worry about compromising your beautiful landscape! Keeping up with fertilizers in all areas of your yard will help ensure this, even during times of watering restrictions.

For your lawn we recommend our Fertilome Lawn Care Program. This 4-step program is easy, providing the nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy. Add Soil Activator to help unlock nutrients and utilize water more effectively. Liquid Revive contains soil surfactants that help green your lawn and hold moisture to help make waterings more effective.

Polymers added to hanging baskets and container gardens hold water and slowly release it, which reduces the need to water. Tree watering tools such as deep root waterers deliver water directly to the roots and encourage deeper root growth. Use Tree & Shrub Drench by Fertilome to help prevent stress and damage by insects and give them the best chance possible.

Consider adding some xeric plants to your landscape. We carry annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs that can easily be added to enhance your area.

Remember to use soil amendments in new plantings as well as existing beds. Add mulches to help retain and reduce water usage.

Don't fear a possible water shortage or watering restrictions! Let us help you find products that will suit your specific gardening needs. 

Save 10%
Save 10% on all FoxFarm fertilizer and soil products! 
Valid April 26-28, 2013. Not valid with any other offer. No rain checks or cash value. Coupon must be present at time of purchase.