January 20, 2017
Durham Farmers' Market Newsletter
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Saturdays 10 am-Noon
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Bluebird Meadows
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Meadow Lane Farm
Four Leaf Farm
Four Leaf Farm
Fickle Creek Farm
Growers & Cooks
Terra Clotha
Chapel Hill Creamery
Catbriar Farm
Hurtgen Meadows Farm
Waterdog Farms
Melina's Fresh Pasta
DFM Accepts
SNAP Benefits
The Durham Farmers' Market  proudly accepts SNAP benefits. To use SNAP benefits at the Market, please visit the Market info table at the center of the Pavilion.

The Double Bucks Program allows SNAP customers to receive double the amount of money they spend on tokens for purchases up to $10. 

The Market is working closely with RAFI as our fiscal sponsor. Read more about the program and our partnership  HERE

Thank you to everyone who has already made donations to the Double Bucks program! We couldn't do it without you.
Farmer Foodshare Donation Station 
The Donation Station Program collects donations of fresh food and cash from customers at the Durham Farmers' Market. The money is used directly at the Market to purchase food from farmers for those who are hungry in our communities. Farmer Foodshare's mission is to connect our local farmers with those who need food! 
Please visit or volunteer at our Durham Farmers' Market Donation Station! 



























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We have an incredible opportunity to connect with our community every week at the Durham Farmers' Market. There's honestly no better way to kick off your weekend than by chatting with your neighbors, checking in with your farmer, and having your kids run around the Market. Join us for your healthy dose of community at the Market tomorrow and pick up the beautiful colors of winter produce, some of which can be seen in these photos. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

Vendor of the Week:
Scratch Bakery
Scratch Bakery's owner and chef Phoebe Lawless had been working in kitchens for several years before she started baking when she landed a job as the assistant baker at Durham's Magnolia Grill. The position turned out to be a good fit and she developed an understanding of the craft of complex dessert making. Now she has a brick and mortar bakery, lunch, and brunch spot on Orange Street in downtown Durham and a growing wholesale business to boot.

Phoebe is committed to sourcing ingredients locally and sustainably and she credits Scratch's relationships with farmers and producers in the area to the exceptional quality and uniqueness of their baked goods. She also recognizes the impact sourcing locally has on creating a stable food economy and keeping more money in our community. 

Scratch Bakery got their start at the farmers' market and you can still find them there every week slinging all sorts of delicious baked goods, like their famous, portable, child-approved donut muffins. Swing by tomorrow for a fresh baked breakfast and keep an eye out for Scratch's new restaurant, The Lakewood, opening this spring in Durham's Lakewood neighborhood. 

See you tomorrow!
Mary Yost
Market Manager
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Fresh this Week  
VEGETABLES:  Arugula, Asian Greens, Beets, Bok Choy, Carrots, Chard, Collards, Garlic, Herbs, Kale, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Pea Shoots, Potatoes, Radishes, Turnips, Winter Squash, and more!

MEATS AND EGGS: Pork, Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Bison, Chicken, Duck, Goat/Chevon/Cabrito, Veal, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs

FLOWERS: Dried Bouquets, Anemones, Icelandic Poppies, and more

CHEESES:  Fresh and Aged Goat Milk Cheeses
Vegetable, Flower and Herb Starts 

SPECIALTY ITEMS:  Pasta, Flour, Cornmeal, Baked Goods including Pies, Breads, Cookies, Pastries, Gluten-Free Baked Goods, Fermented Foods, Teas, Beer, Wine, Meade, Jams, Jellies, Pickles, and Preserves

CRAFTS: Woodwork, Baskets, Photographs, Hand-Dyed Clothing, Body Butters, Lotions, and much more!

Produce availability depends on weather conditions.
Rest in Peace, David McKnight 
Beloved musician David McKnight passed away on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. David brought so much joy to our Market community and visitors knew that no Market was complete without a conversation with David. We encourage you to take a moment and read the beautiful tribute published in The Indy. Please join us in remembering David at the Market as we send our love and support to his family and friends.

Bluebird Meadows
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at market tomorrow! We will be bringing plenty of flowers this week, including icelandic poppies and anemones. For vegetables, we will have carrots, turnips, spinach, daikon radish, chard, radishes (last week for red round radishes) and perhaps a few others. 
See you tomorrow!

Alice & Stuart White
Honeygirl Meadery
Honeygirl Meadery celebrates nature and the work of honeybees by making meads (honey wines) with seasonal fruits, flowers, herbs and honey. Made in Durham NC, Honeygirl meads are hand-crafted libations made in small batches with all natural ingredients. Come visit our downtown Durham production meadery for a full tasting with souvenir glass - we are open every Saturday from 1-6 pm, no reservations required. 

We will be at Market this week with a variety of our meads for sale. Each week we sample a few of the meads at the farmers' market so that you can try the whole line-up over time.

This week we will sample our Hibiscus Lemonthyme Mead, an earthy and floral dry mead made from NC wildflower honey, hibiscus petals, and fresh lemonthyme; Blueberry Mead, a semi-dry mead with local blueberries and NC wildflower honey; and our Lavender Mead, a semi-sweet mead made from Orange Blossom honey, aged at least nine months and then infused with local lavender. We will also have our Ginger, Vanilla, and Spiced Apple Cyser for sale.

Honeygirl Meadery Gift Cards are available year-round at the Market. Now you don't have to guess which mead to give - your giftee can choose their favorite with a gift card!  

Diane Currier
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Meadow Lane Farm
Pastured raised, natural, nationally-credentialed animal welfare approved meats are available this Saturday. Pick up dry-aged Angus beef, Dorset X lamb, Berkshire X Pork, and boer chevon (goat). We have many of the cuts from each species, such as lamb chops, beef steaks (filet mignon, New York strip, sirloin, ribeye, cubed, London broil, flat iron, flank, skirt, hanger), assortment of sausages (beef and pork), roasts, leg of lamb/goat, stew meat, shanks, short ribs, soup bones, marrow bones, and much more!

USDA certified organic vegetables this week: Collards, winter squash, baby ginger, popcorn, and even pie pumpkins! 

Stop by for a visit with Tanya and Martha. Thank you  for your continued support of our family farm!
Martha Mobley
Bonlee Grown Farm
Amy is in Hawaii getting sunburnt and taking care of her brother's affairs. I will be at the Market on Saturday with jams, pepper jelly, pickles, relishes, a few dozen eggs, Carolina Babe skin oil (for these cold and dry winter months), succulent plants, aloe plants and more. Please call us at  919-548-0977  to pre-order any of our products.

Thank you!
Ray Sugg
Four Leaf Farm

We  will be at market with a variety of winter veggies this Saturday hoping to inspire some cooking for the rainy days ahead. There will be beets, collards, kale, chard, pea shoots, baby Salinova lettuce, Miner's lettuce aka Claytonia, and mixed Asian greens out of the high tunnels and we will check on the baby carrots and Daikon radish in the ground outside. This Saturday we will also have wheat grass for your cats and succulents for the house plant lovers.  See you tomorrow!

Helga & Hannah
Fickle Creek Farm
Please pre-order here  by 5 pm on Friday and we will h old your order at Market until 11:30 am.  Enroll here for our 12-week Winter CSA.

This week we have fresh, never frozen, 100% grass-fed beef!

  • 10% off purchase of $100 or more!
  • Pasture raised, free range turkey breast: 10% off (pre-order only)
  • Cold cut special ($40): 1 pound each salami, bologna, and sliced ham (pre-order only)
Click here to see everything we have, including:
  • Free range, pasture raised chicken fed certified organic feed
  • 100% grass fed yearling mutton
  • Deli meats & dogs
  • 100% grass fed beef sticks
  • Soup, stew and stock ingredients
  • Produce
  • Free range and pastured hen eggs
Growers & Cooks
Are you following us on Facebook and Instagram?   We post fun tips and recipes and cooking inspiration. Here's an easy comfort food dish you can enjoy this weekend, Bread Soup

We're out of Sweet Potato Dashi until next week. We're making one last batch next week because we know you love it! We're also working on our spring seasonals which we'll release in mid to late March. 

This week we have:
All-Purpose Chicken
All-Purpose Vegetable
Smoky Ham Hock 
Caramelized Grassfed Beef

Sign up  for our fun bi-weekly newsletter, The Simmer, to receive recipes, product offers, and grower and cook profiles direct to your inbox! 

Kate Elia
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Terra Clotha
There's a lot you can put in a bag. Our hand-dyed cotton bags can hold a weekend's worth of groceries. And they can hold other things: Tennis balls. Art supplies. That screenplay you've been working on in your spare time. Cats (but don't let them out). Magic swords. The Complete Works of Fergus McGee (Profusely Annotated for the Modern Reader). Crisp stacks of non-sequential twenty-dollar bills. Various kinds of modestly sized electronic equipment. And when you're finished, these bags fold up into their own little pocket. And then you can put the bag into your pocket.
Hand-dyed bags from Terra Clotha. Colorful. Versatile.

Like our Facebook page and while you're there, find a 10% off coupon to use with your next Terra Clotha purchase!

Chapel Hill Creamery
Lots of sausages to chose from spicy to mild. Pick up some Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Polish with garlic, Bratwurst, Mild Country Breakfast, Sage and Maple Breakfast, Chorizo, and Andouille. Use the Italian for a pizza, the Polish for a sub sandwich, or the Chorizo for killer hash browns for brunch. We'll also have bacon and smoked ham hocks. Get one or two to have on hand. Our whey fed pork is from pigs raised on our farm and the sausages have spices that we've chosen that we think you will like.

Visit our website!
Catbriar Farm
We will have sweet potatoes, broccoli, broccoli greens, cabbages, collarda, dried herbs, dried cayenne peppers, dried cayenne pepper flakes, dried cayenne pepper powder and paprika powder. See you at the Market!

Graham & Sara Broadwell 
Hurtgen Meadows Farm
It's been a week of planning and preparing at Hurtgen Meadows. We have been busy ordering seeds and bulbs for the upcoming market season.  Time seems to fly by from one month to the next.
We will have green cabbage, arugula, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, garlic and winter squash.

Jams and jellies! We have apple butter and apple jelly, along with our award-winning strawberry and blackberry. Also available are peach and peach mango and sweet onion jam.

We will have a selection of Maple/Brazilian cherry cutting boards.  Custom sizes are available.

All of Hurtgen Meadows produce, plants, fruits and flowers are naturally grown using sustainable practices - no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are ever used on our farm. We'll see you at the Market!
Waterdog Farms
At Waterdog Farms, we are committed to providing sustainably produced teas, flowers, and specialty produce to all our customers. To us, that means providing the best products grown with no synthetic chemicals and while keeping our land and stream ecosystems on the farm healthy. You can find out more info about us on our website  or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

This week at market we will have:

Caffeinated tea blends: Minty Green, Tulsi Green, and Carolina Earl Grey tea
Non-caffeinated herbal/herbal blends: Flat River Mint, Tulsi, Mint Tulsi, and Lemon Tulsi
Cups of tea: Your favorite Waterdog Farms tea made on the spot
Other: Calendula salve and calendula-cornflower salve

Rickie White & Christopher Fipps
Melina's Fresh Pasta
Melina's Fresh Pasta will be at Market this week with 11 ravioli flavors, such as Roasted Red Pepper & Feta, Caprese, 3 Cheese & Roasted Garlic, Lemon Ricotta, Pimento Cheese and more!  P lus spaghetti, spinach linguine, tomato basil sauce, pizza dough, gnocchi and lasagna. Try our veggie shells - plain, tomato & spinach - in a pasta salad. See you at the Market!

Parking & Street Information
The Market is located at 501 Foster Street in the Pavilion at Durham Central Park.  Parking can be found on Foster Street right next to the Market, in the Ballpark Parking Lot on Corporation Street, and in the Measurement Inc. lot, 423 Morris Street (look for the Durham Farmers' Market Parking sign). There is a path at the bottom of that parking lot that leads you to the Market. There are also public parking lots along Foster Street and on Morgan Street near the Carolina Theatre.  

Handicap parking is available on Foster Street, right next to the south entrance of the pavilion.
Durham Farmers' Market Animal Policy
Please note that the Durham Farmers' Market does not allow dogs or other pets in the Market area during Market hours.  Service animals are exempt from this rule.

Leashed pets are welcome elsewhere throughout Durham Central Park.