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Personally, this has been a difficult month to continue being Zen. On a world level, there is so much polarization and flat-out insanity, it's kind of scary. That may be because I'm one of those people labeled "sensitive" by virtue of being intuitive. It seems that within our nation the 2016 presidential election cycle has split us in half, not only from a political or ideological point of view but it's as though we're living in two different realities.
I had an interesting discussion with a friend recently about the concept that the world is all illusion and we each live in a personal reality - our own illusion - as well as in a consensus reality which is what the group maintains as its general illusion. If this is so, as a nation we've created two separate and conflicting realities - you might say, illusions... or even delusions - and part of the scariness is the old saying attributed to Lincoln that "a nation divided against itself cannot stand." Have my fellow Americans even considered that this polarization could result in the dismantling of our nation? And even if people are considering that, what's to be done about it?
To remain Zen is to stay within a center, a core within yourself that is peaceful and in harmony, to remain in this centered core even when a cyclone of events is whirling around you.
This brings me to the more day to day personal level. I'm talking about dealing with difficult people - people who might display ingratitude towards your kind efforts, people who might make decisions that involve you without asking your preferences, people whose own mental disarray might scramble your plans and schedule. Even people who profess love but behave in ways that seem opposite. We all have relationships that are challenging. There are techniques to handle this, including seeing things as humorous, letting negative behavior roll off your shoulders, withdrawing from the relationship itself (or at least from aspects of it), and finding ways to move yourself from stress, anger, anxiety, or disappointment into a place where your particular world, your bubble of reality, is happy, content, at peace, and unaffected. The reason this is difficult may not be obvious. The greatest difficulty is in keeping the heart center open despite the issues.
One of the ultimate goals of being Zen is to be compassionate and peaceful even when reality bites. We live in our personal reality, and we live in our consensus global reality. This is a very difficult challenge in very difficult times. But in order to stay happy, we have to do this.
For myself, being sensitive, it's an absolute requirement.


With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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CLINTON SUPPORTERS TRY TO DROWN OUT PROTESTERS AT DNC - AOL. 7/29/16 (Prediction: "The 22nd  sees the end of the Republican Convention expressing a healing energy, while the 26th  sees the end of the Democratic Convention fraught with anger or aggravation." - Spirit's Words, July '16

"Donald Trump is under much hidden pressures, even threats, all month , and is spending excessively because of high emotionality." - "Spirit's Words", May 2016 )

OBAMACARE IMPLOSION: HAS THE 'DEATH SPIRAL' BEGUN? - Newsmax, June 2016 ( Prediction:  "In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources especially regarding childcare, homecare aides and medical personnel ; in its attempt to reform healthcare, it would encounter blockage." - "Spirit's Words", June 2012)


          A sensible and supportive energy kicks off the month in the world chart (
New Moon in Leo trine Saturn ). There is restriction about pleasures and spending but a caring attitude from the 13th-16th ( Saturn station direct square Venus exact; Node conjunct Venus ) yet mid-month sees some risk-taking ( Jupiter quinquinx Uranus ). Excitement regarding technological innovation is helpful for humanitarian concerns on the 18th ( Full Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus ). Ideological resentments are difficult on the 23rd-24th ( Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius ). The 25th is delightful for celebrations ( Venus conjunct Jupiter ). Good news on the 29th-30th favors an upbeat mood ( Mercury conjunct Venus, station retrograde conjunct Venus/Jupiter ).
          Our nation vacillates between hopeful idealism versus tension from sudden bad news all month ( Jupiter conjunct U.S. Neptune; Uranus quinqunx U.S. Mercury/Node ). However, fears and confusion are waning ( Pluto leaving square to U.S. Saturn; Neptune leaving conjunction to U.S. progressed Sun in H3 ). Aggression runs high mid-month ( Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Moon ), but news is better from the 12th-16th ( Jupiter sextile U.S. Mercury/progressed Node ), and there is a sense of increasing freedom ( Saturn leaving opposition to U.S. Uranus ). Debates are loud and vociferous on the 18th ( progressed Mercury in H3 conjunct U.S. Solar Arc Mars ), with an emotional focus on the importance of women ( Full Moon conjunct U.S. Moon ). Extremism is in full bloom on the 21st ( progressed Moon quinqunx U.S. Jupiter ) but is quickly replaced with open-hearted caring on the 25th-27th ( Venus conjunct U.S. Neptune ). Anger erupts on the 29th ( Mars conjunct U.S. Ascendant ) countered by persuasive verbal parries on the 30th ( Mercury station retrograde trine U.S. progressed Pluto exact ). People feel the pressure to change for the better as well as some elation by month's end ( Jupiter trine U.S. Pluto, quinqunx U.S. Moon ).
President Obama is bold at first, and very much in the spotlight ( Jupiter conjunct his Mars; New Moon conjunct his Sun in Leo ), but there is sadness in him ( progressed Moon sesquiquadrate progressed Saturn ). Mid-month finds him working to make his dreams tangible ( Saturn station direct semi-sextile his Neptune exact ), but nevertheless approaching things quite unrealistically ( progressed Moon quinqunx his Neptune ). A slow steady pace will help ( Jupiter trine his Saturn ). Old issues surface on the 18th ( Full Moon conjunct his progressed South Node exact ), and there are frustrating obstacles by the 20th ( progressed Moon square his progressed Pluto ). Month's end brings him some success ( Jupiter trine his Jupiter ).
Donald Trump continues to feel financial pressures all month ( Pluto square his progressed Venus ). He is overly generous during Week 1 ( Jupiter square his Sun ), and in secret negotiations ( New Moon conjunct his Pluto exact/progressed Mercury in H12 ). A milestone period shifts his energy from showmanship to practicality ( progressed Sun into Virgo ). Business proceeds well in Week 2 ( Jupiter sextile his Saturn ). From the 18th-19th, a fighting spirit and powerful speech-making are evident ( Full Moon in H6 opposite his Mars, trine his Ascendant; progressed Mercury conjunct his progressed Pluto ). He has cause to celebrate in Week 3 ( Jupiter sextile his Venus ).
Hillary Clinton projects confidence and style well during Week 1 ( Jupiter sextile her Ascendant; Mars conjuinct her Jupiter ), and finds helpful connections during Week 2 ( Jupiter trine her Node ), but labors under unrealistic hopes ( Neptune quinqunx her Neptune ). She feels inspired ( Neptune sextile her progressed Sun/progressed Mercury ), and thus takes risks by mid-month ( Jupiter square her Uranus ). During Week 3, she is in a celebratory period ( Venus sextile her Venus/Mercury/Ascendant ), but by the 25th she is over-idealistic, confused, or dissimulating ( progressed Moon conjunct her Neptune




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With the headlines pounding us with disasters, and a friend or relative opposed to us in political views, and with continuous natural disasters or bad ecological news, it's hard not to feel affected. Even those who live far from the area of greatest catastrophe, or whose daily life is more or less insulated from the protests and demonstrations by antagonistic camps, still feel agitated. It is the tone of our times, the temperament of our era.
Is there some way, then, to find calm and feel level regardless of this news? Yes. It requires a great awareness and a measure of self-discipline, but it is available. And also encouraged as part of the next evolutionary step on our planet.
Let me digress a bit to speak of the nature of thought. During my own journey to higher awareness or deeper understanding, I was given instructions by my internal spirit guides that I must ponder the very idea of thought-production. It was something to which I had never heretofore paid the slightest whiff of attention! Several messages drove home that thoughts have different qualities: some with greater impact, others just some vaporous processing the day's events; some carried more weight while others were feather-light. Some thoughts were so profound, they could change the nature of your being and the path of your journey, while others were trivial, barely requiring notice. It was as though, I was being taught, thoughts had qualities and were not all equal.
Furthermore, I was informed that the rate of thought can be speeded up or slowed down, and that would depend upon, among other things, your emotional state. Agitation created an accelerated rate of thought-production whereas peaceful meditation aligned with one's heartbeat stretched thoughts out and decreased the amount that was being generated.
Let's come back to the point of handling today's stressful world. Once one understands that thought-production does not have to be unconscious, it does not have to be at the mercy of your emotional state, and it doesn't all carry the same significance, then one can pick and choose one's thoughts. I have even found myself, when agitated over an incident that has just happened, or a boulder in the way of improving a relationship, or similar situations, that I can realize in the next thought that tomorrow or even a few hours hence, none of this will matter. Its pressing urgency might be just a state of mind, and not a current reality.
Therefore, I have found and learned that I can pick and choose my thoughts, at will, as I desire, and not as the world is foisting upon me. This gives me, of course, greater control and surprisingly leads to far more happiness. In my latest book, "The Wisdom Keys", I refer to this ability to choose one's thoughts, instantaneously shifting from negative to positive or at least neutral, as the Quantum Shift. There are techniques to practice and learn this ability, but it is available to anyone who chooses its way.
The mind creates reality, but so many of us go through life thinking our mind, which is producing thoughts, is running the show. The truth is that our inner deepest self can run the show and keep us serene regardless of the maelstroms by which we are surrounded. It's hard to be calm in the face of terror; it's hard to be calm in the face of zealous partisanship; it's hard to be calm seeing another eco-disaster. But this is not the knowledge by which you save the world. This is first the knowledge by which you save yourself. Then other things can follow.   

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: " Gods, Goddesses & Monsters: A Book of World Mythology ", BY Sheila Keenan ( Scholastic Reference, 2003 )
Well illustrated, this thin book journeys through the mythology of our planet, and does a good job of naming every culture's gods and goddesses, beginning with a full-colored very attractive map that breaks areas of the globe into 15 different sectors. Included are India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, but also Oceania, the North Lands, Southeast Asia and more. Some areas encompass great swaths of the planet and some are quite small proportionately. Strangely, one of the smallest - being Egypt - had a disproportionately powerful impact on Western Civilization.
The book begins with India, claiming that this country's myths are one of the oldest in the world. Sidebars flesh out the history and overviews of the myths while the larger mid portions of each page name in alphabetical order the gods, goddesses, and key figures in said mythology, and describe their roles. Beautifully illustrated with full-color photos of ancient drawings and modern-day parade figures, theatrical works, and other objets d'art, we are shown the respective amazing inventions of man's mind.
Moving on to China and its vast territory, we are told that China has the oldest existing civilization in the world, and its myths date back more than 4,000 years ago. These were the basis of three profound religions - Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. Even modern postage stamps are included in the illustrations.
The book is a thin but very complete compendium. As pages are turned, the iconic images jump off and catapult you back in time. Vikings, Norse Gods, Celtic symbols, the Pacific Northwest totems, African masks, carvings, Australia's "dream time", and South America's majestic mountaintop temples are all here. The reader comes away with the sense that man's fertile imagination concocted so many of these godlike figures and mythological beasts to address this inherent questing urge in humanity to explain circumstances, events and fate, and also to seek assistance and protection from higher and more powerful spirits to deal with a frightening and uncontrollable world.
This book is a good addition to my reference library, and the choice of artwork enhances it. Recommended.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - August '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 


Hear us, o World, for there is none other than our voice, which is your own deepest, highest thought. We are that whom you seek, to whom you turn when the going gets rough. We are the higher vibration of consciousness that designs and supports the world. Those who think they are the doers, movers, shakers of life are in the delusion, for it is only through our graces, intentions, and will that the world comes about, and displays itself to our knowing.
When there are times of great trials and tribulations, it is not ye who have created this but us... and for what reason? To push our creation forward. To ensure that the journey called Humanity does not get stuck in its complacency, in its current stage but that the demand is set forth insistently that there be change, growth, and evolution.
We, then, who are in our voice also you, have come to the knowing or understanding that there must be increased speed of development for humanity. If not, the turbulence will become immensely more unbearable and destructive. By fomenting disharmony and energizing change, there can instead be transformation.
When you pray, hear the voice that responds. When you meditate, hear the voice that comes forth. When you query, your deepest concerns for their purpose and for answers, know that this is you and us combined, determining what happens next. Those with greatest awareness will see and hear this, and will find calmness thereby.

© 2016 by Judi Thomases

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