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As some of you know, my son was diagnosed with aggressive kidney cancer last winter, had major surgery at the end of January, and has been treated ever since, first by a course of immunotherapy which, unfortunately, had no effect, and more recently by a course of targeted chemo which we have just learned has had positive effects, shrinking the tumors or causing the cancer cells to die off. This is welcome and positive news.
I'd like to explain the role that astrology has played during this scary journey, and how I, my colleague, and by extrapolation my clients can use astrology helpfully under such difficult circumstances.
One of the first applications took place as soon as my son gave us the news. In looking at his horoscope, it became evident that he was under supportive aspects regarding health matters. In some cases, his aspects would not repeat during his lifetime. There was, naturally, activation of matters regarding health but this activation would serve a purpose for inner growth, new values and self-esteem, and perhaps a personality transformation. I am not by any means dismissing the amazing medical care he got, and is still receiving, both from surgeons, cancer specialists, and a team of professionals who are applying the latest meds and treatments. But if a person's horoscope is not supportive, that would be a different story.
Furthermore, after the second type of treatment was administered and he was given a specific date on which he would be told the results (quite recently), a further look at his horoscope promised the best of news... which has come to pass. In both of these situations - at the onset and at the discussion of results - the hopeful aspects allayed anxiety, strengthened hope, and brought calm to me, to my colleague, and to some small degree to the patient himself (who is a logical fellow who can't help being skeptical).
A little more about this astrology thing: in rare cases, death might be foreseen; frequently, astrology shows us when to proceed with events within our control like elective surgery, launching of business, and even weddings and sometimes births, and it is a supportive tool to foresee what's ahead, and to make good choices as to the timing or the choice of action/non-action for some of our life's most momentous experiences. Those of us who are astrologers know this as a fact, and those of you who aren't astrologers or who remain skeptical, can (we can hope) look into its abilities with an open mind so that you too can go through some crises with hope and faith.
My son's chart continues to look optimistic. I'll continue to rely on it for my own equanimity.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Uranus in Taurus" in the May 2018 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, archived here.

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THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA UNITED TO DEFEND A #FREEPRESS. TWITTER RESPONDED. - WESTERNJOURNAL.COM, 8/17/18 ( Prediction: "A lot of the bewilderment or over-idealism regards government and legal matters ...and also the media who distribute all the information. Everyone was calling everyone else a liar, and we couldn't trust the news media sort out truth from fiction!") -
THE VIEW AHEAD FOR 2017 & BEYOND, Dell Horoscope magazine, 2017

"This is a very supportive pattern to the United States' ... planets by July, August, and September 2018 ...indicating economic gain.") URANUS ENTERS TAURUS, Dell Horoscope magazine, 2018

For the World, very sensible energy on the 6th can overcome problems ( Saturn station direct in Capricorn in Grand Earth Trine to Uranus exact and Mercury exact ). However, there is confusion or over-idealism on the 9th ( Neptune opposite Sun ). A new economic start is beneficial on the 9th and throughout Week 2 ( New Moon in Virgo sextile Jupiter, trine Pluto; Jupiter sextile Pluto ). Much growth on the 11th is indicated ( Sun sextile Jupiter ). The month ends with fresh efforts and good changes ( Full Moon in Aries; Pluto station direct in Capricorn sextile Jupiter ).
For the U.S., the month kicks off with optimism but continuing tensions ( Neptune trine U.S. progressed Jupiter; Mars conjunct U.S. Pluto ). The 6th is a powerful day for business and conflicting moods ( Saturn station direct sextile U.S. progressed Saturn, square U.S. Midheaven, conjunct U.S. progressed Moon exact in H1, opposite U.S. Venus; Venus trine U.S. Moon ). Many people are happy but some are not. There is economic tension from the 6th - 9th ( Venus square U.S. Pluto ) but excellent results from the 13th - 15th ( Venus sextile U.S. progressed Moon, conjunct U.S. progressed Saturn, trine U.S. Venus ). Dreams must face reality the rest of the month ( Neptune quinqunx U.S. Saturn ). Domestic issues are foremost on the 25th ( Full Moon conjunct U.S. IC exact ). The month ends with tremendous tension, even violence ( Pluto station direct square U.S. progressed Mars ), but paradoxically also with much to celebrate ( Venus sextile U.S. progressed Ascendant, trine U.S. Jupiter ).
For President Trump, the month gives a feeling of being on the right path ( his progressed Moon sextile his progressed Node ). Week 1 indicates aggravation yet enjoyment ( Mars square his progressed Ascendant; Venus conjunct his progressed Jupiter ), and, gaining support, he is pleasant-tempered ( Saturn station direct trine his progressed Sun; Venus conjunct his progressed Ascendant ). The 9th may require sudden shifts ( New Moon square his Uranus ), yet he feels greater freedom during the second half of the month ( Uranus trine his progressed Sun ). The 20th - 22nd focuses on domestic issues that hinder ( Mars conjunct his progressed IC, opposite his progressed Saturn ), but the 24th-25th showcase his charm and verbal skills ( Venus trine his Mercury ). Finances cause pressure but there is a healing sense at month's end ( Venus square his Pluto; Mars trine his Neptune/progressed Fortuna ).
Ex-FBI Agent Peter Strzok sees much activity from last May through September ( Mars conjunct his Ascendant ), peaking recently ( Lunar Eclipse conjunct his Ascendant exact ). The summer has been full of confusion but also deceit ( Neptune conjunct his Sun ). He is too bold in mid-September ( Mars square his Mars ) but greatly deluded by Thanksgiving ( Neptune station direct conjunct his Moon ). He faces something shocking in mid-March '19, perhaps even an accident ( Uranus conjunct his Mars ).
For more forecasts, check ou t my articles: "The Big Shift: Uranus Enters Taurus" "On the Brink of World Change" and "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis", now posted on my website.  

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Things seem to be topsy-turvy in the world at the moment. We have situations, for instance, where lawbreakers aren't prosecuted, where people who claim to be tolerant are acting violently, where illegals insist on their 'legal' rights, where schools aren't safe... and on and on. It's as though, at least for many of us, myself included, the world is disordered and our values seem to be switched around.

I read something very interesting recently in one of my favorite magazines, Fortean Times* (August 2018), referring to "an age of inversion," perhaps as an aspect of the Kali Yuga (Dark Age). A very thought-provoking quote from the article says "If endless 'tolerance' is now the West's only true value then in effect that means we have no real values at all." It makes the point that, by celebrating excessive diversity in the West, we've found ourselves in a situation where "reality itself has been turned upside down."

I really pondered this. I know many people want to be all-inclusive, very accepting, and maybe (in keeping with the sentiments of John Lennon's famous song "Imagine"), evolving into one world, one awakened humanity, and one paradisiacal Earth. But as I see it, humans have a long way to go to reach an elevated state of consciousness where duality (i.e., polarization) has been left behind, where emotional extremes such as anger, contempt, disgust, and fanaticism have been overcome, and that we all are sharing our lives and our unique potential in a blissful state of inclusion and common values. This is obviously not where we stand at the moment.

Where we stand seems to be in a very chaotic, confusing, and disarrayed state. Astrological aspects support this current condition (e.g., Pluto in hard aspect; too much Neptune; Eris and Dystopia active as disruptors). Personally, I yearn for a world that exhibits universal love and compassion, that sees and adheres to right values, and where people own their karma, refusing to engage in the very low vibration of victimhood. I yearn to see a world where we all co-create beauty and love.

How very different it all seems at the moment. But may we all aspire towards such higher goals, and do our bit to co-create such a world even if we are still on the cusp of the Kali Yuga.
* See review Nov. '08 Spirit's Words archived on


For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2018 by Judi Thomases

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"Thank you for having the 'guts' to identify yourself as a 'conservative' astrologer." -  Dr. Norma, by email
"Great post!!!" - Joyce C., by email
"Excellent!" - Deborah W., by email

MOVIE REVIEW: " Mountain Top " ( 2017, starring Barry Corbin and Coby Ryan McLaughlin. Based on a best-selling novel by Robert Whitlow.)  
Found a sweet movie on Netflix. I don't think it got much play. Purposed as a Christian film, for me it was actually very metaphysical.

A small-town young married lawyer in Appalachia decides to give up his law practice and follow a calling to be a preacher. After a few years of doing so, he encounters an eccentric old landscaper who has been arrested on trumped-up charges, and is seeking out the preacher to be his lawyer.

The landscaper has a comfortable familial relationship with God whom he calls "Papa", and keeps scribbling notes about his prophetic dreams (which, in another context, would qualify him as a psychic). His ramblings and pointed letters to some townspeople have made him enemies because he is being guided to uncover a fraudulent land scheme.

The preacher protests that he can't represent him, but as he gets to know him and his devout wife he realizes that the old man is truthful, sincere, listening clearly to his intuitive guidance from "Papa", and is awakening in the preacher stirrings of a profound mission. During the course of the detective work, even the preacher/lawyer is arrested. But in their shared jail cell the old man keeps insisting that everything is part of Papa's plan.

Billed as a drama-mystery, with a lot of heart and good character development, we are never asked to make fun of the old man but to marvel at his gifts and his fortitude as his predictions come true, and as the preacher, now reborn once more as a lawyer, overcomes the wealthy and powerful enemies in order to solve the case and prosecute the bad guys.

I particularly loved a scene in the jail when the old man listens to Papa's guidance and insists on leaving before proceeding with any further questioning of a witness at that time. We are shown his impeccable attunement to his higher self, to his inner divine guides, and to his utter faith that everything happening is cosmically meant to be.

The movie ends with the young lawyer returning to his pastoral livelihood but enriched by this spiritual experience so that he may now counsel the inmates of the jail whose environment he had shared, whom he had befriended. This transformation now gives him deeper abilities.

I usually resist both schmaltz (excessive sentimentality) and religiosity of writing, but as I said this movie, while holding one's attention as a drama, is not only sweet and lightly humorous but is completely (to me) metaphysical. An eccentric old psychic. A familial connection with the Divine. A strongly evolved intuition. And a completely solid foundation of true faith. My mystical side enjoyed it all.

4 and a half stars.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - September '18

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
We would like to address the schism between the loving heart and the hating mind.  
The mind, wherein resides one's ego, holds a myriad of thoughts, some of which are pleasant, some not, some helpful, some not, some advancing, some not, and many simply conflicting. The mind is a hodge-podge, a stew, and can at once contain the contradiction of pleasant and blessed sorts of advice or narrative to frame what the world seems like, at the same time it can contain the very concept of harm, of evil, and of despair.
The mind, therefore, can be seen as an engine that produces the notions, the thoughts, that seem to inhabit it ...but surreptitiously, we might say, are created by it. It is as though you were to build a house by hand, enter it, and believe that the house built itself first and then entered your mind as the idea of the house in which you live. But of course, first there were the blueprints, the construction, and the whole enterprise of its creation taking place in your mind before it became real.
This trick of the mind exists so long as a person has no idea of its own ego's role in the creation of reality. And in that way, the mind can contain both good and bad, high and low, and all the nuances in between, leading to great confusion as to what is true, what is happening, what is real. It can be a faulty touchstone.
On the other hand, the heart always contains the truth of what it feels. It may feel love, expansive love for many or all; it may feel romantic love for one, unconditional love for its offspring; and it may also feel sadness or heartache at loss or bad news. The one thing that can be said about the heart is that it is true. It is more real than what you see, what you believe, or of course what you think. The heart goes to the heart of it all (pun intended).
And so, in a time of confusion, if you call for a guidance system, an answer, a path, a way through, turn not to your thoughts so much as to your heart, for your heart will tell you what's what, who is who, where you feel safe, where you can offer love. The heart is the truest barometer in life, more than the structures of the mind.
We thank you. We are complete. We withdraw.
© 2018 by Judi Thomases

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