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Fall is cool days, leaves changing colors, a cozy spot and a good book. On our Fall Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of talented authors who will inspire and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited writers! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


THE ALCHEMY OF SELF HEALING - "Jeannine Wiest will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life," Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin. Alchemy is a process by which something ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. Take the Inner Alchemist Quiz, dive into the sensory exercises, revel in the essays. Change your perception. Reconnect. Heal.  

LOVE ON BUTTERFLY BEACH - Having moved past heartache, Carolyn must fight to hold on to who she really is. He can't stop thinking about her, but old scars make him afraid to love. When danger forces them together, can they trust their hearts? Discover the secret to loving while staying true to yourself, from internationally recognized relationship expert. Amazon.    


HEALTHY & EASY RECIPES: DELICIOUS WHOLE FOOD COOKING TO TRANSFORM MIND, BODY & SOUL - will help you experience the pleasures of great food and normal eating. The book helps you create meal plans that give you confidence in your food choices. Healthy & Easy Recipes follows Mirasol's first highly acclaimed cookbook loved by former patients, therapists, and anyone interested in healthy eating. Amazon

MY HUSBAND DIED, NOW WHAT? A WIDOW'S GUIDE TO GRIEF RECOVERY & SMART FINANCIAL DECISIONS - offers heartfelt coaching to widows in handling their emotions, providing step-by-step tips to "recreate" their new life.  This easy-to-follow purse-sized guide is chock full of sound and seasoned money-saving financial advice (and warnings), a financial terms dictionary & a handy resource directory. Amazon.     


HEALING YOUR HUNGRY HEART - Written for adult women, Healing Your Hungry Heart gives you a path to freedom from your eating disorder and tools to develop a successful life. Released to glowing reviews from leaders in the eating disorder field and women seeking personal recovery, it contains vivid stories, meditations and exercises for health and freedom. Author: Joanna Poppink, MFT Los Angeles psychotherapist.  



MARY & ME BEYOND THE CANVAS - Artist, Author and Inspirational Speaker, Susan Van Sleet is a reunited birth mother who placed her child through closed adoption during an era of silent surrender and used her art to reflect a lifetime of longing for the daughter she named 'Mary' in her heart. Susan met Mary - now named Jeanne - and joyfully shares her extraordinary story of adoption, loss and reunion. Amazon.  


DESIGNED FOR SUCCESS: THE 10 COMMANDMENTS FOR WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE - has a bold, empowering message. You are designed for success, and your work should be challenging, inspiring and fulfilling. Explore these powerful principles with Dondi Scumaci and learn how to unwrap your gifts, break through the barriers and release your potential. Amazon.


LITTLE MISSY TWO-SHOES LOVES TO GO TO SCHOOL - The adjustment from staying home on Holiday or Summer, to going back to school, can be terrifying to a little one. Now, everything was going wrong this first day back at school ~ the dog ran away, the cat ran up a tree, and Mommy wanted her to take off her high heels!


HEAT RISING: SURVIVE AND THRIVE THROUGH MENOPAUSE - provides women the keys to resolve the difficult physical, emotional, and mental challenges presented in menopause. Life is not over; a new chapter of life worth celebrating is just beginning. Learn how to feel empowered with a new zest for life! Find your inner Sage and share your new wisdom with the world.   






WITH ANGEL'S WINGS - Laura's world spins as pediatricians throw words at her like heart failure, seizures, and g-tube feeds...when all she wants is to hold her baby tightly and be the mom she'd always dreamed of being. Join Laura on her unexpected and emotional journey in this true medical drama/unconventional love story.





THE ALCHEMY OF LOSS - is Abby's moving story of learning to live again after the very public death of her husband on 9/11. Veering away from the trite and pat grief books, she learns she must forge her own path through grief, that there are no right answers. She reminds us that life throws up roadblocks we can't anticipate, but we can choose how we react to them.



THE SEVEN CHAKRA SISTERS - by award winning author, Linda Linker Rosenthal puts a delightful new spin on the chakras, with a metaphysical teaching tale for all ages. The chakras are depicted as seven unique personalities who live in an enchanted crystal castle (the human body.) They remind us how cooperation and love creates healthy energy and inner peace in our 'castle'. Amazon.




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