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Universal God Beingness: An Expanded Mystical View
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Simply put, when you look out at the physical Universe, you look into one level of Universal Mind Consciousness or the Mind of God.  And, through the physical instruments of today's science, the further out into the farthest reaches of the Universe you look --- the deeper into your own consciousness you can enter.
The Biblical words, "as above, so below," can be taken quite literally.  It is a mystical reality that speaks the eternal truth that all life is One and the Same, and that ultimately there is but One Life everywhere presents --- be it in the vastness of what appears as outer space or in the more finite existence of a human.  From the appearance of the tremendous mass of a star to the appearance of a pebble or a droplet of water --- each comes from  One Universal Life Consciousness manifesting as us all.

Referencing again the Bible, the words "within Him, we move, live, and have our being" have a profound literal meaning when understood mystically.  Quite literally, all that exists, moves, lives, and has its beingness comes from within the Mind of God, just as all that is visible --- both in the seen physical world and the unseen dimensional worlds --- exists in the Mind of God or Universal Consciousness. 

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