July 9, 2018
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10 AM this Sunday, "Poof, You Changed!"

What do you really want to happen THIS summer?

How about THIS time, before summer ends we transform what we wish to transform? What do the Buddhists say about change? The Taoists? Hindus, Sufis, Native Americans? Use this service to begin your butterfly growth and magic. Stay after for hospitality to share what you've seen about yourself. Messages from spirit, music, healing meditation.

WEDNESDAY, July 11, 6:30 - 9:00 pm. $15, $12 members
Join Reiki Master and gem expert Lydia Garcia for her delightful talk on the uses of gems in spiritual growth. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to find the benefits of gems. Click here for more info and to register.

INTUITIVE MEDITATION CIRCLE Tuesday July 10, 5:30 - 6:30, $5. Come to receive messages from spirit in meditation and in readings, for practice.
at Darling Hill Retreat House (click for full schedule)

Every Monday morning at 10am, the Magical Story Ducey is leading an intuitive development group, which is repeated every Monday evening at 7 pm. Story's specialty is connecting scientific research with consciousness studies. All of this happens at the beautiful Darling Hill Retreat House, and includes lots of practice and laughter. Only $15 a class, $12 for ISD members, be sure that you spend some time this summer focused on your intuitive development! NOTE: These classes are at Darling Hill Farm. Click here to email Story for more info and directions.

Click on the title for more info & to register, $15 each class, $12 for members. All classes at 41-45 Dietz St. Oneonta except where noted

MORE CLASSES and info listed at www.isdoneonta.org and www.darlinghillfarmretreat.com .

7/11: Spiritual Connection to Gems with Lydia Garcia
7/18: Elementals and Summer Scents with A. Sutton-Pyle & S. Landon (at Gazebo)
7/25: Vedic Astrology & Tantric Yoga with Tapash
8/8: Feeling the Presence of Angels with Rev. Diana Friedell (at the Gazebo)
8/15: Inter-Dimensional Photography with Tom Meade
8/22: The Spirituality of Food with Nettie Jean Scarzafava
Dr. Paula Petry
MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Finding your way through the maze of your own life can be daunting. Look for a new job? Start writing a book? Look for a partner? Lose 30 pounds?

Just for today, try looking at someone else. See where you can be of service. See who needs your touch, your light, your smile. So many times we become buried inside of our own worried thoughts, we forget that what pulls us out of that worry is to help another.

Let your light shine -- today -- for someone else. Make that supporting call, send a card, tell a joke to someone in need of some humor. That is the beginning of your own transformation.
"Walk as if you were kissing the earth with your feet." Thich Nhat Hanh
Rev. Diana Friedell, Director
An popular area medium and psychic,for 15 years, Rev. Diana is astounding in her commitment to bring the Institute to Oneonta as a gathering place for all who want to explore their own Divine nature & expand intuitive gifts. 607-433-2089
Rev. Sue Landon, shlandon51@gmail.com 240-285-8010. Former Pastor and Director of the Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, D.C. branch. Lover of old movies and the Oasis in her back yard!

We're days away from completing the new Psychic Development Certificate Program, stay tuned.
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