The Holistic Fayre, Bothasig would not be the same without our unique Spiritual Menu. Below is a sneak preview. 
Mystery Talk
by Ivanova

11:30pm - 1:00pm
with Bevil Spence

We are indeed honoured to have Bevil Spence at our Fayre.  He is the founder and chief facilitator of  The Drumba Project
He has 15 years of experience as a drum circle  facilitator, hand-drumming teacher, drum and instrument maker.
Contact Bevil:  072-238-6240 or

Rain Dance

Cape Town has only enough water till March 2018, we have to watch every drop of water.
Join us in a Rain Dance with umbrelllas, blow bubbles, rain sticks and any instrument that give the sound of rain!  All ages welcome
Visualization/Grounding Exercise
with Maeve

I used visualizations as one of my most powerful tools in clearing my body of cancer and prolapsed organs in 2013.  I continue this practice in healing my body, emotions and Soul.  It is a simple and powerful tool in assisting us to heal and move towards inner peace and outer happiness.  I look forward to sharing this practice with you
Messages from Animals
with Heidi

Did you know that the animals are sending you a message from nature when they appear in your life constantly?  Did you know that the Diablo people and the Egyptians believed that our souls would go to a special chamber where the Gods and Goddesses evaluated our lives?
Even the spider has a specific message for you in the way that she spins her web to when she strikes. Coyotes and Badgers are rivals but they combine their efforts when the winter months are bad and there is a lack of food. What a clear message for us!
There are many more messages to learn about.  Join me at the Holistic Fayre to learn more about this amazing workshop!
Ho Opono Pono Meditation
with Michelle

Ho'oponopono (Ho Oh Pono Pono) roughly translated as "to make right", "to correct", is an ancient transformational and healing technique originating in Hawaii. Its simple message of 100% responsibility, repentance, and gratitude has been changing the lives of all it touches. Originally practiced by the native Hawaiians Ho'oponopono was primarily a group based ceremony, used to solve community based problems, and disputes and it has ties and similarities to many indigenous shamanic practices found throughout the world.
The Ancient Hawaiians understood the power of the mind. Centuries before mainstream science they identified the distinction between the Conscious, Subconscious, and Super-Conscious minds, and the part they play in forming our present day circumstances.
This knowledge was considered so important that they built their whole belief system Huna (The Secret) around it..
with Claire

Hashtag Spekboom is a civil movement, encouraging each individual in their private capacity to become a supplier, cultivator and distributor of Spekboom.  Claire is very passionate about spekboom and our environment
The Holistic Fayre, Bothasig | Bothasig Community Hall, Link Road