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News from The Studio
Icon Writing Desk
Icon Writing Desk
The biggest news is that the By The Hand Blog is finally up-to-date with all my completed work neatly arranged and labeled in albums accessible from the header or the side-bar of the blog. Whew!! That was a much bigger job than I thought it would be.

You can now see the Icons here and the Zentangles┬« here and get the coloring pages here. I have promised myself that I will keep the albums up to date. Feel free to hold me to it.

In the studio, I continue to work on The Transfigured Christ Icon and a Zentangle St. Benedict. 

I hope you enjoy the article about my spiritual practice and then download a coloring page and get to work. Let me hear from you. The peace of Christ be with you.
Holy Face Icon and Candle
Fire in the Icon Studio             

Iconography is my spiritual practice. 
My studio is a sacred space, where I paint and pray and study and listen to what God has to say.   Read More . . .

Create Your Own Icon!

Icon Coloring Pages are a great way to start a spiritual practice that centers on iconography. This month I have drawn a St. Michael from Rublev's masterpiece  for you.  Go here to download the file and find some additional suggestions.

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