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Spiritus Christi Church  

March 14, 2017

Saturday, March 18 at 5 pm Mass: 
  • In memory of Virginia Williams (8th Anniversary of death), by her son Phil Darrow
Sunday, March 19 at 9:30 am Mass: 
  • In memory of Bill Clinton (recently deceased), by his son David Clinton
F or prayers for your intentions or special needs, contact the Prayer Line at 227-5579 or 

  • March 19:  Exodus 17: 3-7; Psalm 95: 1-2, 6-9; Romans 5: 1-2, 5-8; John 4: 5-42
  • March 26:  1 Samuel 16: 1B, 6-7, 10-13A; Psalm 23: 1-6, Ephesians 5: 8-14; John 9: 1-41


Last Week's Collection: 

Dear Friends,
As we come to the first day of Spring on March 20, I want to share with you this message from our Holy Mother Mary.  It was received by one of our parishioners in prayer, and we reflected on it last week in our Advent Meditation. It is a reminder that our planet is part of God's creation, and we are asked to care for it as such.
A Message from our Holy Mother

I am here my small flower
I am here my small rose
I am here my tiny bloom among many
I am YOUR HOLY MOTHER and I am always here
I am here today to offer you these thoughts to consider...
Make yourself open to my words as I communicate with you today. 
I am saddened by the many people who do not care for our planet, and I am asking that you please be personally responsible for your own use of chemicals that will harm our earth. 
Do not put into the water, or ground, chemicals that will harm our earth. 
We, as your Mother and Father ask that you refrain from using chemicals that will take from the earth's natural energy and alter its flow. 
Use only what is natural to our planet's environment.  
Do not feel sad for at times having not done this, as we are careful to not scold. 
However, we are also needing to mention the ground and the grass and all the many toxins that many people spray and place in their gardens that harm our planet's energy, and we must begin, each and every one of my children, to become aware of the products that contaminate our land. 
I offer these words to you and ask that you please consider them as you work in your garden--as you tend to your earthly garden, you tend to mine. 
As you promote the health and growth of your roses you promote and care for mine, they are all the same and they are all connected through my love and light.
Our Monday Morning Contemplative Prayer with Kathy Welch and Jim Bridges continues through Lent at 7 am in Taylor chapel. 

Our Monday Evening Meditation with Brian O'Neill and Rev. Mary will have its last gathering on Monday, March 20, from 5:45-6:45 pm in the Shaw Room.

Join us for our Thursday Night Soup Supper at 6 pm and Mass at 7 pm during Lent.  Our guest preacher on March 23 will be Joy Collins.  She will be speaking on our theme, "Faith in Challenging Times."

On Wednesday, March 29, you're invited to an evening of scripture, music, and reflection led by Mike Boucher and Bill Welch. On Wednesday, April 5, Mike Boucher will be joined by Danielle Ponder.

I hope to see you at the Mad Hatter's Ball on Saturday, March 25th -- our fundraiser for the Spiritus Christi Prison Ministry. It is always a fun night with the dinner, auction items, and music.  The program is inspiring.  Thanks for all your support for this beautiful ministry.

The generous outpouring of hospitality moved me during the power outage and snowstorm!  Thanks so much for watching out for each other; it means so much to be remembered when you have no heat!
Happy St. Patrick's Day,

Rev. Mary



New Parishioner Meeting : Join us for our next New Parishioner Meeting on Saturday, March 18 at 4 pm in the Friendship Room.
CAFE! CAFE! Please support our Chiapas mission by purchasing our fair-trade Chiapan coffee after the Masses on March 25th & 26th. Your continued support makes an immeasurable difference to the indigenous and their families. Gracias!

Spiritus Christi tithes 15% of every collection to organizations that serve the poor and work to create a more loving world.  If you have an organization you would like to nominate to receive a tithing gift this year, please complete the form below and mail it to the Spiritus office by March 31, 2017. To print out a Tithing form,   CLICK HERE.

SAVE THE DATE! Our next Baptism Class will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 7-8 pm at Spiritus. To sign up and for more information, please call the Spiritus office at 325-1180.

We are re-opening our COOPERATIVE NURSERY ! The nursery is a great spot for little ones to play, explore and keep busy during the 9:30 am Mass at Hochstein. Our fun and talented teens will keep your children engaged and having a blast along with a rotation of parents. If you have a child between the ages of 6 months and 4 years and would like to hear more about our new nursery, please bring the whole family to a cookie and juice reception on Sunday, April 23 after the 9:30 am Mass in the lounge of Hochstein.

  • If you don't want to facilitate rounding up undocumented people, banning certain immigrants or needless wars abroad and on our streets, consider joining us at a War Tax Resistance Workshop. It will be held at the Gandhi Institute, 929 S. Plymouth Ave., on Saturday, March 25, 9 am-12 pm or Sunday, March 26, 12-3 pm with potluck after. The workshop will also include information on organizing by Black and Indigenous people. Please RSVP to        
  • On March 25th, the 10th Global Earth Hour begins at 8:30 pm. For one hour, millions of people will turn off their lights and unnecessary devices to "shine a light" on efforts to curb climate change. Learn more/get ideas at
If you are looking for a way to help our Farmworkers who are undocumented and are being detained, the Worker's Justice Center, , is rallying in support of those being detained in Central and Western New York. There is a petition you can sign to free Jose Coyote, currently being detained in Batavia, who is a father of 4 and a community organizer. You can also attend hearings regarding those folks who have been detained, and show your support for them. Also, you can use #STOPDEPORTATIONS; #FREEJOSENOW. For more information, contact: Carly Fox, Senior Worker Rights Advocate, Workplace Justice Program, Worker Justice Center of NY, 1187 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14609, (585) 500-9409, .


  • 4 pm: New Parishioner Meeting - Friendship Room
  • 5 pm: Mass at Spiritus (Gospel)

  • 7:30 am: Mass at Spiritus (Ensemble)
  • 9:30 am: Mass at Hochstein (Spirit)

  • 7-7:45 am: Lent Reflection - Taylor Chapel
  • 12:10 pm: Mass at Spiritus - Taylor Chapel
  • 5:45-6:45 pm: Lent Reflection - Shaw Room
  • 7 pm: Course in Miracles - Nielsen Room

  • 12:10 pm: Mass at Immanuel Baptist Church (Contemporary)

  • 12:10 am: Mass at Spiritus - Taylor Chapel (Harp)
  • 1-6 pm: The Living Room - Nielsen Room

  • 6 pm: Lent Soup Supper - Upstairs Dining Room
  • 7 pm: Mass at Spiritus in CELEBRATION HALL (Thursday Night Musicians) 

  • 12:10 am: Mass at Spiritus - Taylor Chapel

  • 5 pm: Mass at Spiritus (Ensemble)
  • 6 pm: Prison Outreach Gala - Harro East

  • 7:30 am: Mass at Spiritus (Ensemble)
  • 9:30 am: Mass at Hochstein (Gospel)


all services at Spiritus,
except as noted

Saturday, 5 pm: Sanctuary

Sunday, 7:30 am: Sanctuary

Sunday, 9:30 am:
Music School
nursery care available

Monday, 12:10 pm: Chapel

Tuesday, 12:10 pm:
Immanuel Baptist Church

Wednesday, 12:10 pm: Chapel

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Friday, 12:10 pm: Chapel


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Yunjin Audrey Kim, Music Minister, Spirit Singers 
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Lisa Moretto & Lori Marra, Wedding Preparation
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call the Spiritus office, 325-1180 to register
Chiapas, Mexico Mission: Ritaclare & Mike Streb, 621-5435 
Grace of God Recovery House: Sr. Margie Henninger, 766-0683 
Mental Health Center: Maureen Marlow, 325-1180 
Prison Outreach @ Jennifer House: Sarah Lee, 288-1074 
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