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Everything you need to make your garden grow!
Late summer Perennials are essential to extending the feeling of summer. Yes, we have Mums already, but long blooming August Perennials can extend into the fall and delight us with brilliant colors.

Russian Sage
Phlox Paniculata
Butterfly Bushes
Rudbekia Herbstonne

Take a look at any of these for long lasting color

Lawn Care in August


Ok, It's not the most exciting topic or even the most inspiring, but lawn preparation is the thing to do in August.

Improving your lawn in the fall makes the most sense, due to the warm soil for quicker grass seed germination and the cooler temperatures for slower weed growth. So preparing for your lawn projects in August makes sense.

Is one of these lawns yours?  


Your lawn is too far gone, full of weeds, and there is no hope of having any kind of decent  lawn unless you spray those weeds. If so, then August is the best time to apply Round Up. You can seed 10 days after it's application.  


You have an area that needs a new lawn or you want to patch your existing lawn. Prepare for the new lawn by giving the existing soil a starter fertilizer and then liming it. This usually takes 4 weeks to start activating, so start now and by the time the new seed starts growing in September, it will be able to grow faster and easier.


Your lawn just needs a tune up and thickening. If so, then you can over seed your existing lawn. August is the perfect time to start that.  


We can advise you further in the store if you have specific questions. Let us help you. 


Plant of the Month

Perennial Hibiscus are a summer favorite
This splash of color on a fall garden is breathtaking.

With names like  Sultry Kiss, Berrylicious, Cherry Brandy and Heart Throb, one can only guess the impact of this plant on a summer garden.

It's blooms are stupendous, large colorful and usually 4"to 6" in diameter.

 Plant heights range from 3 feet to 8 feet tall. They can be used in the garden as a focal point or as an informal hedge. Some perennial Hibiscus plants are compact and rather formal looking compared with the more loosely arranged habit of taller Hibiscus.


Perennial Hibiscus plants are adorned with pinks, reds, lavenders, and many shades of the primary colors. They provide a long season of delightful blooms.   


Only one problem - How do I choose which variety to plant in my garden? 



Fall Vegetable Starts

Yes, you can start those fall crops NOW! 
Kale, Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Pak Choi and more.
Of course we have seeds too.
Any by the way - start those fall Peas right about now.  

At the Garden Center 
Watering Cans & Pots
Mums - 6 inch now
other sizes coming soon
Bird Feeders
Yes, We've just started with Fall Mums, but we also have plenty of other great Perennials and shrubs. We've had a great year for rainfall this year and our nursery yard is looking lush.  Come see for yourself. 


Tom and Janine Giles
and the Staff at Hadley Garden Center

 August is the month to:
  • Watch for insects & take care of them immediately.
  • Control Poison Ivy.
  • Prepare for lawn renovations.
  • Mulch with straw your garlic, shallots and strawberry plants.
  • Fertilize strawberries with high nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Cut canes of summer bearing raspberries.
  • Plant Leaf Lettuce, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Endive, Chinese Cabbage, Kale, Radish, Mustard Greens for a fall harvest.
  • Deadhead annuals for increased blooming.