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Pets of the Month 
 Ginger and Lucien  
Lucien and Ginger

The Pet and Home Care team wants to send our love to the Fenton family. Lucien - a rescued, retired Greyhound recently passed away. We have known him for many years and he will always be remembered as a sweet and loving boy. He frequently visited our pet resort and received daily walks at their home. His sister Ginger, was always so patient waiting for his needs to be attended to first. Lucien will be in our hearts forever and will be missed by many.


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."  

-Roger Caras  


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Rocky Needs a New Home!

Rocky (also goes by Tibbie and Sweet Girl) is a great 10-year young cat who needs a new home. She is a grey and white tabby with a slightly longish, very soft and fluffy coat - she has a pretty face and ample body. She gets along well with other animals and is very affectionate to people. Her owner needs to move to a new living situation that would not tolerate cats, and she would like to find a suitable home for her sweetie girl.  Rocky will give you lots of purring and appreciation for your care. She purrs loudly while rubbing her head against people's legs, but spends most of her time sleeping in sunny spots that she finds in various places around the house.  This kitty is an affectionate indoor cat that loves to be brushed and petted (and fed). She is diabetic and needs daily insulin injections. Anyone who adopts this cat will have a sweet companion for years to come.  Interested parties, please contact Judith (in Bethesda) at 240-483-9227.


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I have piece of mind in knowing that the cleaning staff arrives on time and when they leave, the house is sparkling.

~ Adiva 


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dog yards

Autumn Pet Tip!


It's back-to-school time, and those of you with young children know that means stocking up on fun items like glue sticks, pencils and magic markers. These items are considered "low toxicity" to pets, which means they're unlikely to cause serious problems unless large amounts are ingested. However, since gastrointestinal upset and blockages certainly are possible, be sure your children keep their school supplies out of paw's reach.

We Offer Personal Organizing!


Perhaps your home office is a disaster area, and you've misplaced bills or other important papers. 


Maybe your kid's room is so full of toys that you can no longer walk through it. 


Our trained Professional Organizers provide hands-on organizing solutions!!  They help develop customized systems for you so you can find needed items in a minimal amount of time and help you decide what should be done with your items. 

pet tag creations

We are a group of folks who absolutely love dogs-and our other animal friends! We are the parents who bought another pet to keep the first one company, and talk endlessly in the park about how we parent and train our dogs.


Our artists handcraft each tag with care in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tags can list your pet's name and phone number or simply be worn as pet flair.

Check out all of their styles here!

Contact Robyn with any questions:


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Splendid September !!!
dogs in leaves 



1. Gorgeous; magnificent; sumptuous.

2. Grand; superb.



Fall is officially here! We are sad to say goodbye to the summer but look forward to this beautiful season. As the leaves change and the days get shorter we are here to help you with the "back-to-school" transition! We know it can be tricky to balance your pet care, home care, and regular everyday schedule. No need to worry since you have Pet and Home Care on your side!


Is Fido asking for more play time in this gorgeous weather?


Would walking into your sparkling home help to alleviate some stress?


Does your yard need a fall clean up and preparation for the cold months ahead?


Do you need the ideal work / homework space organized?


Let us know how we can help you!


Please note the correct phone numbers and email address to contact us.   


Tiffany Reynolds 
Pet and Home Care, LLC
855-227-3669 - 855-CARE-NOW  
Fall Pet Events!
Please be sure to join us at these family and pet friendly events. Look for our booth!

Yappy Hour!!  October 15 ~ 12pm - 3pm Fallsgrove Shopping Center- 400 Casey ln. Rockville, MD 20850

Potomac Day!! October 22 ~ 9am-4pm Potomac Village- River Rd and Falls Rd.
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PetConnect Rescue     1-877-838-9171


 Artemus is a Pomeranian who is all grown-up, but don't tell him that! Easy and friendly with human and dog alike, Artemus is bursting at the seams with personality. He is a loyal and affectionate companion, and has the Pom's wonderful, open, always-happy nature as well as built-in cuteness, which makes it hard to take this little dog seriously. This tiny golden brown fluff-ball with four tiny feet and a smiling face tolerates his foster family's frequent busts of laughter at his antics, knowing they just can't help themselves. Artemus is housetrained, neutered and up-to-date with all of his vaccinations.   If you would like to know more about Artemus, please complete an online application. Then email Marie.


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PetConnect desperately needs your help! They had a fantastic 2011 saving the lives of over 500 dogs and cats.  WHY?  Because of dedicated people like YOU! Please lend a hand if you can this year and help them to save even more lives.

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