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By Andy Dolich
The Hunt family of Dallas was once one of America's richest families, led by the flinty patriarch, H.L. Hunt.
In 1961 his son, Lamar, then owner of the AFL Dallas Texans, became the first pro team to post a yearly operating loss of a million dollars.
The media frenzy led to a hastily called press conference. One gutsy reporter asked H.L., "Your boy Lamar just lost a million dollars as the owner of a pro football team. How much longer can that continue?"
H.L. stared down the questioner and slowly responded, "Based on Lamar's trust fund, I reckon only 294 more years."
"Next question?"
Here is a snapshot of how money in sports has skyrocketed from millions to billions right here in our own Bay Area backyard.
1981 -- Charlie Finley to the Haas Family -- $11.2 million
1995 -- Haas Family to Steve Schott and Ken Hoffman -- $75 million
2005 -- Steve Schott and Ken Hoffman to John Fisher and Lew Wolff for $180 million
Current Forbes valuation -- $1.4 billion
Highest Paid Oakland A's Player
Pitcher Ryan Madson, $7.5 million
Stadium Cost
1966 -- Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, $25.5 million
1976 -- Horace Stoneham to Bob Lurie -- $8 million
1993 -- Bob Lurie to the Charles Johnson group -- $100 Million
2017 -- Current Forbes value -- $2.7 billion
Highest Paid San Francisco Giants Player
Catcher Buster Posey, $22 million
Stadium Cost    
1960 -- Candlestick Park, $15 million
2000 -- AT&T Park, $357 million                      
Highest Paid MLB Player
Pitcher Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers, $35 million in 2017
1977 -- Morabito family to Edward DeBartolo, Sr. -- $13 million  
Current Forbes valuation -- $3 billion dollars
Highest paid San Francisco 49ers player
Offensive tackle Joe Staley, $11 million
Stadium Cost
1960 -- Candlestick Park, $15 million       
2014 -- Levi's Stadium, $1.4 billion
Highest Paid NFL Player
Quarterback Tyrod Taylor, $27.5 million if option is exercised by Buffalo Bills
1966 -- Ed McGah and Wayne Valley -- $180,000
1976 -- Al Davis buys majority interest
Current Forbes valuation -- $2.1 billion
Highest paid Oakland Raiders player            
Offensive guard  Kelechi Keith Ayo Osemele, $13.5 million
Stadium Cost
1966 -- Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, $25.5 million
1996 -- Mt. Davis was a $200 million addition
2019/20 -- Las Vegas domed stadium, $1.9 billion (estimated)
1963 -- Eddie Gottlieb to Franklin Mieuli -- $800,000
1986 -- Franklin Mieuli to Jim Fitzgerald and Dan Finnane -- $18 million
1995 -- Jim Fitzgerald and Dan Finnane to Chris Cohan -- $140 million
2010 -- Chris Cohan to Joe Lacob, Peter Guber, and partners -- $450 million
Current Forbes valuation -- $2.6 billion
Highest paid Golden State Warriors player
Forward Kevin Durant, $26.5 million
Arena Cost
1966 -- Oakland Arena opens, $25.5 million
1997 -- Oakland Arena renovation, $121 million
2019 -- Chase Center, $1 billion (estimated)
Highest paid NBA player
Forward LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers, $30 million in 2017
WNBA (Woman's National Basketball Association)
Total league payroll is $10 million per season. There are 90 NBA players who make more than $10 million dollars a year.
2002 -- $147 million by Hasso Plattner
Current Forbes valuation -- $470 million
Highest paid San Jose Sharks player
Defenseman Brent Burns, $8 million
Arena Cost
1993 -- SAP Center, $162.5 million
Highest paid NHL player
Centerman Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks, $16 million
2001 - SVSC
2006 -- John Fisher and Lew Wolff
Current valuation -- $180 million
Highest paid San Jose Earthquakes player
Forward Steve Wondolowski, $750,000
Stadium Cost
2015 -- Avaya Stadium, $100 million
Highest paid MLS player
Midfielder Ricardo Kaka, Orlando City, $7.2 million
NWSL (National Women's Soccer League)
$41,700 maximum salary per player, not including endorsements
Highest paid player in soccer
Forward Carlos Tevez, for Shenhua FC in China, $40 million
It has been said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is now. Start saving your millions now for the next team purchase. They may turn into billions.
Andy Dolich has worked as an executive in all four major sports leagues, including the Oakland A's, Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers. He is the managing director and head of U.S. Sports Practice for Odgers Berndstson, the UK's leading executive search firm, and director of Career Development for the University of San Francisco's online master's program in the Business of Collegiate Athletics.   
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